Candy Sombreros

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HOLA!  Hello everyone!  How are you on this fine Friday afternoon? I am a happy camper … it’s Friday … I’m struggling with using my new computer and I made some candy for you 🙂 Yesterday I made this little Cinco de … Continue reading

Marshmallow Pops for Presidents’ Day

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           ♥ HAPPY VALENTINE’S DAY EVERYONE ♥   Yesterday morning a brilliant idea appeared in my brain … at least I thought it was brilliant! I have been thinking about making cherry marshmallow pops for some time, but I hadn’t … Continue reading

Nutter Butter Acorns … new and improved!

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I have always been fond of acorns. My family has always been fond of peanut butter and chocolate. Therefore … The new and improved Nutter Butter Acorns were born 😉 I still love last years Sweet Acorns … these are … Continue reading

Sparkly Star Marshmallow Straws … or Pops

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I ♥ paper drinking straws … I ♥ marshmallows … I ♥ red, white and blue … I ♥ the 4th of July … And I ♥ these little creations … I bought these star shaped marshmallows the minute I … Continue reading

Red, White & Blueberry Cones

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I went to the grocery store yesterday … so many berries are in season right now and on sale … buy one, get one free!  Red, white & blueberry cones were about to be created. Here they are … This … Continue reading

Edible Shot Glasses?

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Are you surprised? This may seem odd coming from me … shot glasses … not a cupcake or marshmallow pop … Edible Shot Glasses! It has all my usual components … chocolate, sprinkles, etc. Oh, I almost forgot … mini … Continue reading

Decorate cookies … fast and easy

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These are my decorated cookies.  Every year I have wonderful plans to make cookies with very detailed decorations … well, those plans flew out the window … as usual.   But I’m OK with that … I don’t have what I … Continue reading