Tiki Mask Cupcakes … and a Giveaway!

It’s mid July and I have not been to the beach yet 😦

No vacation has been planned to a tropical island 😦

So … in the privacy of my kitchen, I created my own little sandy beach cupcake paradise 🙂

I love kitchen gadgets … I hope you do too!  Several gadgets are used in these cupcakes and I’m sharing some with a lucky winner!  Please be patient with me … there are a lot of steps in these directions … but I promise they are simple, as usual!

These cupcakes are easy to make … you can even make the chocolate masks days in advance.  I bought the “tiki ice-cube mold” at Target ($1.00) several weeks ago and I was surprised on Saturday when I saw a summer clearance sale going on at Target.  If you can’t find one at a store near you … I have good news … I bought an extra one for the lucky winner of this giveaway!   You may also find tiki candy molds on the internet or cake and candy supply stores.

To make the chocolate masks … simply spoon melted chocolate in each cavity and tap the mold on the counter several times to release any air bubbles in the chocolate … pop the filled mold in the freezer or fridge for a few minutes to harden the chocolate.  I used milk chocolate candy coating (candy melts).  It took 4 ounces of chocolate to fill the 8 cavities in this mold …

The chocolate may not release easily …  just give them a little push … these molds are very flexible.  The details show up very well in the chocolate … but I wanted to give them a little something special … a little bling … a little luster, with Aztec Gold Luster Dust (another item in the giveaway).  I used a dry brush … barely dipping it into the dust and brushing it on the chocolate … it’s just like applying blush …

A few weeks ago, Sweetology made cute palm trees with pretzels and kiwi slices … so I copied her!  I did take her advise and placed the slices of kiwi on a paper towel to help absorb some of the juice.  I dipped the pretzel tip in melted chocolate and pushed it into the kiwi.  This palm tree is a bit of a balancing act … but so cute …

Do you like fillings in cupcakes?  Lemon curd sounds good to me … so easy with another helpful gadget (that just happens to be included in the giveaway).  Just insert it into a cupcake … give it a twist and pull a “core” out of the cupcake … add a little filling …

Now plunge the cupcake “core” on top of the filling …

Frost your cupcakes using your favorite frosting recipe.  I used buttercream in a pastry bag with a #12 tip …

Then sprinkle with sand … NO, not really … I’m just kidding.  Use cinnamon sugar (1/2 cup granulated sugar + 1 teaspoon cinnamon) for the sand …

Finally … decorate the cupcakes with tiki masks, kiwi palm trees, paper umbrellas, little royal icing flowers or anything else that feels beachy and tropical …

THE GIVEAWAY… this is what is included …

  • Tiki Mask Mold
  • Cupcake Plunger
  • Aztec Gold Luster Dust
  • Brush
  • Some Lime Green Cupcake Liners

Here are the rules … one entry per person … all entries must be made by 11:59pm (Pacific Time) Monday, July 23, 2012 … winner will be selected at Random and announced Tuesday, July 24, 2012.  Simply answer the question …





To enter the giveaway … leave your answer in the comments section …

  • F.Y.I. – this giveaway is sponsored by me … I’m just sharing my love of gadgets 🙂   If your comment does not appear immediately … don’t worry it will appear soon!

42 thoughts on “Tiki Mask Cupcakes … and a Giveaway!

  1. I’m actually staying home and cleaning out closets getting ready for a fall move … when I am not baking/decorating cakes and being Nana! I love these tiki cupcakes and hadn’t ever thought about looking at Target for fun silicone molds/ice trays!


  2. love the tiki faces. We just got an aboveground pool…. so we will be in yardville (he he, my yard!) all summer. we may take a day trip to the shore.
    thanks for the chance,


  3. Those are TOO cute!!! Since moving from CA to TN I really miss the ocean. Will be in CA in September so will get my beach fix in Laguna Beach.


  4. seeing that I’ve been laid off since Oct – we won’t be going anywhere = it’s going to have to be “backyard fun” for me & my 3 yr old – so this kit would give me the “vacation feel” out on my deck w/ the tiki lights going!


  5. Afraid we won’t make it to the beach this summer 😦 just moved so all our time is spent trying to unpack and find a new place for everything!! Uggh wish I were going on a tropical vacay…looks like your post is as close al I will get!


  6. I’m not doing much this summer, July is usually my busiest baking month, with 5 family birthdays. However, I had an easy time of it this year, I just had a custom fit brace put on my left knee, so one big cake was made for 4 of the birthdays. Two good things about this, I can bake whenever I feel like it and I won’t be cleaning closets out, lol.


  7. Not going anywhere special this summer. We took a family vacation for a week in April for Spring Break to the Dominican Republican (where it rained almost the entire time – part of our on-going curse). We’re having our annual Tiki Party and these would be awesome to make and ever so perfect. Never thought of looking at Target for Tiki ice cube trays.


  8. I am planning a trip to South Padre…I’ve never been there before and my hubby and I need a break…These cupcakes would work well there…the trees are adorable!


  9. I’ve been laid off since October so money is tight. So I’ve been spending my summer in the kitchen baking and sharing my love for baking with my daughter. Thanks for sharing your talents and your gadgets. 🙂


    • Thank you. These will be so fun, i do a different them each night while we are camping, so these will be perfect for the luau night.


  10. Yummy looking cupcakes and such a great giveaway
    No plans on going anywhere for the summer. Will be staying home to finish building my garden shed and spending time with our grand children.
    Thank you on this giveaway opportunity


  11. No big plans for us this summer. Watching our new grass grow in the yard, painting trim on the house, and a BBQ Cook Off this weekend! We have no beaches in Iowa so that isn’t an option. I have will have my first wedding cake order this summer. Excited!!!


  12. No money for vacation this year, but maybe a day at Rincon with family. Thanks for the tips for these beach cupcakes. Cannot wait to share them this Jessica, my granddaughter. She will love making these. Great creation AGAIN.


  13. What an absolutely clever cupcake! Would it help to spray the mold with oil so that the chocolate pops right out? The gold dust is the perfect touch for a rich look.

    Keep writing…


  14. We are going to disneyland with my husband family for my neice’s first birthday next week, besides that we have been doing a lot of day trips to local parks for hiking (much easier on the walet – and it really is reminding us of our great community) unfortunatly no tropical destinations this yearbut those cupcakes look like the perfect thing for setting up an at home luau party 🙂


  15. Going to many girls fastpitch baseball games with my daughter and husband. She plays (12 yrs old) and my husband is one of the coaches. With this hot weather, I’m getting tan, but not at the beach. I love it, it’s tons of fun!


  16. We went to the beach and visited my son who is in the Navy. My kids are home schooled, so we have year round school. Summer vacation was WAY to short!


  17. These looked so perfect for my son’s upcoming 1st birthday luau that I’ve decided to make them. The candy mold is en route as I type this- just ordered from Amazon. Anywho, and forgive me if this is a no-brainer type of question, but how exactly do I make the chocolate for the candy mold? Do I simply melt chocolate chips or something? Thank you so much for this idea and recipe!


    • You can buy candy melts (Wilton), Candiquik or confectionery candy coating that you simply melt and mold. See my directions at the top of this page regarding melting chocolate. If you use chocolate chips, you may need to put the masks back in the fridge until you are ready to use them, so that they don’t soften. Let me know how they turn out 🙂


      • Hey there! I ended up using Dove chocolate. I used the individual Silky Smooth Milk Chocolate and they turned out perfectly. I followed your instructions for melting the chocolate and it was easy as pie! Thanks so much for the idea and I look forward to following your blog!


  18. Cuuuttee cupcakes! My boys and I are actually leaving in two days for a 3 week trip back East, we are spending time in Boston visiting family, then heading to the Cape for 3 days (where we will be hitting a lot of beaches!!) and then heading to Maine to a cabin on the lake for a week! Not a tropical Island vacation, however when we return I will be throwing a Luau themed birthday party for my 7 year old and that is how I found your site, looking up tiki-mask cupcakes!


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