Decorate cookies … fast and easy

These are my decorated cookies.  Every year I have wonderful plans to make cookies with very detailed decorations … well, those plans flew out the window … as usual.   But I’m OK with that … I don’t have what I really need … time.

Drizzle and sprinkle … that is my solution.  Chocolate and sprinkles can dress up anything … and who doesn’t like chocolate and sprinkles?  Don’t think that you need to make rolled cookies … I do this on drop cookies too!

To start … I made Shortbread Cookies and melted some chocolate.  I put the white in a squeeze bottle and just used a fork to drizzle the dark chocolate.  A zip top bag also works well.

I do have quite a supply of sprinkles … just in case I need them … OK, I’ll admit I’m slightly obsessed.  Here are the different ones I used …

Starting at the upper left corner ….

So, you just line up the cookies … I like to use a rack, but it’s not necessary …

Drizzle chocolate and add sprinkles before the chocolate hardens …

If you use Disco Dust … my advise is to use the tip of a brush and tap it off.  I used my fingers once and had glitter everywhere!

This is a foolproof decorating method … I think it can make any plain cookie look a little fancy!

A close up view …

Do you have any quick decorating tips to share ?  I would love to hear them …


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