Greetings from Bessie!

Hello y’all ;).  I’m on vacation and feeling guilty that I haven’t posted in some time.  We had vacations plans … things had to be changed … left five days earlier than planned.  My kitchen counter was left covered with half-finished projects and supplies for more projects.  Please accept my apology for my absence … things will be changing!

I’ve been in Tennessee, Virginia, Kentucky and Indiana visiting family and sightseeing.  A few days ago we stayed with extended family in Rutledge, Tennessee and met Bessie …


she says “Hello y’all” 🙂   Bessie and the rest of the herd are the neighbors of Jim and Christine … nice neighbors!

I just wanted to check in with everybody and say that I’ll be posting soon!

I ♥ your comments!



Halloween/Fall Peanut Butter Treats

Halloween will be here in just three days!  Are you prepared?

We usually get 100-200 Trick-or-Treaters each year.  I brought 22 bags of candy home from the store and hid them … I know that if a bag gets opened up, it will disappear 😉

Today, I am sharing a few quick and easy treats that have one thing in common … peanut butter!

Nutter butter bats

I made these Nutter Butter bats last year and they are my most popular treat this year!

Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs

Happy Zombie-ween!  Celebrate with Nutter Butter Zombie Eyeballs!

I love these Peanut Butter Cup Brooms (courtesy of Hershey’s)!  Thank you to Colleen B. (a reader) … she was thinking of my peanut butter lovin’ hubby and sent me the info … so sweet!

Nutter Butter Acorns

Nutter Butter Acorns are so easy to make … this is the “2012 Acorn” … possibly my favorite acorn!


My first acorn … a version that I’ve seen done so many different ways … can’t go wrong with chocolate and peanut butter!

Hope you enjoyed these peanut butter treats 🙂

Candy Corn – ish Eclair Cake

This gallery contains 2 photos.

Éclair Cake … where do I begin?  I have obviously have been in the dark … maybe living in a bubble or under a rock.  Éclair cake or icebox cake made with graham crackers has been around for some time … but … Continue reading

Chocolate Football Snack Mix

This gallery contains 4 photos.

Are you ready for some football? Do you need a cute manly football snack?  This snack isn’t just for men, everyone will love it … just can’t call footballs cute around my guys!  All I hear from them is “footballs aren’t cute!”  Check … Continue reading

Skinny Strawberry Dessert for 2

This gallery contains 4 photos.

How are you today? Are you still on a sugar high from Easter? Are you ready to fit into a swimsuit?  OK, how about capris? I have noticed several ‘skinny’ dessert recipes circulating lately and intend to try them. I … Continue reading

New stuff …

This year I entered my Nacho Cupcakes in the Celebrations Cupcake Crown!

Nacho Cupcakes

Once again I would love for you to vote for my cupcake … however this year you must sign in thru Facebook.  Just click on the pink cupcake (in the upper right corner of this page) and you will be taken to my cupcake 🙂

You may vote once per day until February 13!

I highly recommend visiting Celebrations for many cupcake decorating ideas and recipes.

So please, please, please vote for me 😉

I’ll be posting something new very soon 🙂


Happy New Year!

I just want to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year and thank you to everyone!  The comments that you leave are so kind and helpful … I am very thankful for each and every one of you 🙂

The new year holds new ideas … but here is a quick review of a few old ones …

sugar top hats clocks

Do you remember these clocks and top hats from last year?   They were so easy to make … I may whip a few up today.

Nacho Cupcakes

Nacho cupcakes were the most popular post of 2012 … a great option for football game viewing 😉

peanut butter cup christmas trees

Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees … what can I say, except that they were yummy and quite possibly the easiest thing ever 🙂

If you are out and about shopping all the after Christmas sales, pick up a bag of Christmas (green & red) M&M’s.  I have a Valentine’s Day idea that will require green M&M’s 😉

We will talk again next year!!!  Have a safe and Happy New Year 🙂