Candy Sombreros

HOLA!  Hello everyone!  How are you on this fine Friday afternoon?

I am a happy camper … it’s Friday … I’m struggling with using my new computer and I made some candy for you 🙂

Candy Sombreros for your fiesta

Yesterday I made this little Cinco de Mayo treats and took photos.  Last night I spent a few hours trying to navigate my way thru editing photos … no success!  This morning I spent a few more hours … success, finally 😉  Now I just need to remember what I did, for next time!  This old dog is determined to learn a new trick or two.

We don’t really celebrate Cinco de Mayo … we just use it as an excuse to have chips, salsa and guacamole … maybe a margarita and candy sombrero!

This is another easy and quick project.  You will need …


  • Mini muffin pan/tin (any type will do)
  • Dots candy (fruit flavored gumdrops)
  • Colored candy melts (1 pound will make 24 hats)
  • Melted dark chocolate candy melts (2 ounces)
  • Sprinkles (candy confetti or sequins)


  1. Make the hat brims – spoon melted candy in mini muffin pan (just a spoonful), chill 5-10 minutes, pop out of pan (if they don’t come out easily, chill a few more minutes).
  2. Dip the flat side of Dot candy in melted candy and lay on top of the candy/chocolate brim, allow to sit and adhere to brim.
  3. Use the melted dark chocolate to draw a border around the brim and attach sprinkles (tweezers may come in handy).

Do you want to put your sombrero on a cupcake?  How about this …

I moustache you to do the hat dance

Simply draw moustaches on wax paper or parchment …


Start by making two dots of melted chocolate and use a toothpick to pull the chocolate to form a moustache.  Chill for a minute and remove from paper!

Candy Sombreros

My inspiration for this idea came from Lisa at Hoopla Palooza… she’s a crafty lady!

Here are a few more ideas from the past for your fiesta …

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26 thoughts on “Candy Sombreros

  1. Brenda! while i was reading this i kept thinking “YAHOO! these are totally CUTE! she’s on the sombrero kick too!” and then i saw you mentioned me?!?! well i am totally doing the happy HAT DANCE over here! (just don’t look cuz it ain’t pretty) LOL! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH! oh and i LOVE the little mustaches :>D these are a must make, you young dog you! heehee


    • You deserve all the credit for making my brain work … if that’s what you want to call it 😉 After I saw your creation, I started thinking about sombreros and then the moustaches happened! Thank you Lisa 🙂


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