Moon Pie Pops for Earth Day

Just a friendly reminder that Earth Day is Monday, April 22🙂

I will admit that I remember the first Earth Day in 1970 … yes, I am that old and still remember the seventies! I was in high school and decided that I would avoid using paper plates … my little contribution to the earth.  I never imagined that we could own a car powered by natural gas or buy solar lights to stick in our flower beds😉

Moon pie earth day pops

I just thought of this idea today and wanted to share it immediately.  I chuckled to myself as I thought of creating the earth on the moon … sorry, i’m dorky that way😉. I ran drove to the store to buy Vanilla Moon Pies, there were none, so I bought banana ones.  I do recommend vanilla because of the lighter color to work on.

This is what you will need …


  • Moon Pies
  • Piping gel & Royal blue food coloring
  • Green nonpareils
  • Blue sugar
  • sticks (I used wood coffee stir sticks)
  • craft paint brush (food use)

Color the gel blue or you can buy tubes of blue gel at most grocery stores.  Use the brush and blue gel to paint the Moon Pie.  Add some green sprinkles to create land masses or continents … mine are a little unrecognizable😉. Press the green sprinkles a little, tap off excess.  Sprinkle blue sugar over the blue gel, creating water!


I really enjoy your comments!

This may be shared at the fun parties listed at the top of this page!

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