Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

Welcome to the National Peanut Butter Cup Forest … the sweetest forest in the land 😉  Just imagine … a forest filled with Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees!  Yes, this is a totally edible forest … a chocolate and peanut butter lover’s dream …

Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Tree

If my hubby got lost in this forest, he would eat his way out … or in!

Anyway, I’m sure you see how super simple … easy peasy … these are to make.  I spent more time unwrapping candies than assembling the trees!

Here are the few items you will need … peanut butter cups (snack & miniature sizes), chocolate kisses, white chocolate (or candy melts) and white non-pariels …

candy christmas trees

Melt the white chocolate (this will be the “glue” that holds each layer together) and put it in a squeeze bottle or ziptop bag with a tiny cut off corner.

Set up an assembly line …

  • Tree trunk – upside down miniature PB cup – white chocolate “glue”
  • 1st layer – upside down snack size PB cup – drizzle white chocolate around the edges & sprinkle with non-pariels
  • 2nd layer – upside down miniature PB cup – repeat drizzle & sprinkle
  • 3rd layer – chocolate kiss – repeat drizzle & sprinkle

Each tree requires … 2 miniature PB cups, 1 snack size PB cup & 1 chocolate kiss

Easy candy trees

Can you believe how easy that was?

Reese's Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

Oh … do you want to know who won the giveaway?  The lucky winner is # 4 – Bam’s Kitchen (Bobbi)!!!  Congratulations! 

Bobbi, please contact me ( with your mailing address so that I may mail your goodies.

P. S.  Did you read all the comments that were left for the giveaway entry?  WOW … I am so impressed!  There is going to a lot of baking going on in the next few weeks 🙂


110 thoughts on “Peanut Butter Cup Christmas Trees

  1. I want to build a house in the middle of the National Peanut Butter Cup Forest. Yum-m-m-y! Congratulations to Bobbi on her win.


  2. Thank you! I am so very delighted but my teenage boys will be jumping for joy. My boys always learn over my shoulder when I am reading your posts and say, “Mom why don’t you make these for us?” Now I guess I do not have an excuse. These little Christmas trees are so unique and sound so simple to make and will make the boys holiday extra special. Thanks so much for thinking of us. Take care, BAM


  3. OMG; what sweet and adorable, trees. These I just gotta make; providing I don’t eat more of the candy first before getting the trees made.
    Congratulations to Bobbi on the win.


  4. i love these trees, I’m afraid if I tried to make them that as soon as i get one made I would eat it and so on and on. LOL They sure are a great treat.


  5. Thank you for this adorable idea. I made these this afternoon and they went together beautifully…Such an easy thing that looks elegant and fun!


  6. Very clever and so easy. I’m thinking of tinting the white chocolate green to make both white and green trees. Would use white pariels in either event. Thanks so much for this too cute idea.


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  9. awesome i can add to make gift giving during the holidays as i make all my homemade stuff and give it out to neighbors and gifts to offices i clean year round a way to thank you so this will added as a new surprise for y’all…thank you..


    • I personally have not shipped them, but I believe that if the weather permits you could do it. I would wrap each tree snuggly in a cellophane bag or plastic wrap and add packing material so that the trees don’t jiggle around. I hope this helps you 😉


  10. I love simple good and attractive recipes. I sent this one to my friends who love to have special candies for Christmas and many other holidays. Thank you for this recipe!


  11. I always make peanut butter fudge as Christmas gifts. For ease I always put them in the small (Reese size) cups and a few in the larger (full Reese size). After looking at the Christmas tree idea, I believe I will be making some into this project, especially for a few of those “special” friends that deserve an even more special treat.


  12. These would make great favors for co-workers or for Christmas parties. Just wrap them in a Christmas-themed cellophane bag and add a touch of ribbon. Cute!


  13. Love these! I am having my 9th annual cookie party in a couple weeks. These would make great ‘favors’ for my guests to take home with their cookies! I might even try to find red and green non-parels.


    • Hi Jackie, Great question … I find that working with melted chocolate and frosting are about equal, except that you must make sure that the chocolate stays warm. However, the white chocolate will harden up, which helps with attaching pieces together and it makes packaging easier and neater. If you are not transporting or packaging the trees and like working with frosting better … go for it 😉


  14. I made 48 of these this week! Piece of cake. I used red white and green nonpareils and packaged them two each in a cellophane holiday bag for party favors. I tried a plastic bag and definitely it work better using a small plastic bottle for the chocolate. My only other tip I had a problem unwrapping the mini Reeses because the chocolate kept sticking to the brown wrapper. I just popped in the freezer for an hour and they were perfect especially when it came to using the hot white chocolate. it was making the trees tip over because there are melting lol. Cold Reese’s definitely work better than room temperature.


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    • That’s a great question …royal icing would work best, because it hardens up. Buttercream may not be as “sturdy” … the tree may come apart when picked up. Coloring would be wonderful … just remember to use “chocolate/candy” coloring if you go with the white chocolate.


      • I ask because i would be that person whom would burn self using melted chocolate(seriously would be I cut self picking up egg shells last night after dog got into trash) and I know they makes tubes of doecorater icing so like doesn’t make more sence my brain to use that an I know everyone raves about butter cream frosting I hate it. I make desction in icing and frosting and frosting would be superfluouswesther itis . Chocolate, butter cream or cream cheesd frosting is cleady to soft. Icing is firm on other hand and often comes in tubes thus making control easier. You frost a while cake you add drawings and pizaz with the icing. But ai know tou didn’t know I knew diffrence in icing and frosting. I think what comes in the tubes is royal icing precololered etc. You can use frostingas glue . On soft item but never hard item it just will fail.


        • How about this … Wilton sells “cookie icing” in bottles/tubes (at craft & some grocery stores), it is basically royal icing that hardens up. I want to assure you that melted chocolate would not burn you, unless you overheat the chocolate. Check out my “How to Melt Chocolate” at the top of my page. You should be able to hold a melted bowl of chocolate in the palm of your hand, without it hurting. Hope this helps!


  22. These would be so cute arranged on a silver platter with white snowball cookies around them or even some small snowflake cookies. Oh, a person could even put a few red hot candies or other tiny ball shaped candies on the icing as tiny ornaments


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