Chocolate Football Snack Mix

Are you ready for some football?

Do you need a cute manly football snack?  This snack isn’t just for men, everyone will love it … just can’t call footballs cute around my guys!  All I hear from them is “footballs aren’t cute!”  Check it out …

Football Snack Mix

I think those little footballs are cute … all tiny things are cute … even footballs!  Shhh, don’t tell my hubby or sons 😉

You can use any snack mix that you buy or make … the real star of this game, is chocolate covered almond footballs!

This what you will need …

Chocolate almond football snack mix

  • Your favorite snack mix (I made a mix of pretzels, Goldfish crackers, Corn Chex cereal and peanuts)
  • Chocolate covered almonds (I used Trader Joe’s Sea Salt & Turbinado Sugar Dark Chocolate Almonds)
  • Melted white CandiQuik (candy coating/white chocolate) in a squeeze bottle or bag with tip cut off

Chocolate almond footballs

  1. You can use any chocolate covered almonds.  I chose these because I love them and they’re bumpy.  I found a few sources if you don’t have a Trader Joe’s near you.
  2. Use the melted CandiQuik to draw a line from almost tip to almost tip (I hope that makes sense, please look at the photo above 😉 ) and let sit to firm up.
  3. Use the melted candy to draw three lace lines across first line and chill for a minute or let sit to firm up.

chocolate footballs

I ♥ your comments!  Is it OK to call footballs cute?

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61 thoughts on “Chocolate Football Snack Mix

  1. This will give us ladies at least ONE thing to look forward to during football season. S. Fla. is finally getting a few Trader Joe’s in 2014. Have heard so much about them. The texture on the almonds would give the footballs a more realistic look. “Turbanido sugar” – what the heck is that?. Always anxious to try new things and they do look good so will have to get some when the stores open. Hurry up, Trader Joe’s.


    • Tavette … you will LOVE Trader Joe’s!!! Turbinado sugar is considered a raw sugar … all I know is that these almonds are evil in a good way, heehee 😉 I love them and want to eat the whole container … only buy them if I’m sharing … I just can’t be trusted around ’em! I have several girl friends that have the same problem … that whole salty sweet thing 🙂


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  3. You are also so fun and creative! My boys are all into watching University of Michigan play as it is Mr. Anonymous’ alma mater. I can’t wait to make this for them. Even though we have to be awake at something like 4am to watch it because we live all the way in HK, this snack is good anytime of the day. Have a super weekend. BAM


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