Krispie Chocolate Egg Pops

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Good morning ūüôā ¬†How are you today? ¬†Ready for an Easter idea? ¬†Easter isn’t until April 20 … it felt so far away … now it’s less than a month! There are several foods that come to mind when I … Continue reading

M&M’s Lovebirds

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Hello! ¬†How are you today? ¬†Did you have a nice weekend? Last year I asked for your help with these chicks and you were very helpful! ¬†Today, I’m hoping that you will share your opinions again. ¬†May I introduce you … Continue reading

Simplified Nutter Butter Hearts

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Good morning! ¬†Yesterday I was very excited to share my Nutter Butter Broken Hearts. ¬†Shortly after I finished the post, shared on Facebook and Pinterest¬†… I started to have second thoughts about my hearts … were they¬†overdone or complicated? ¬†Why … Continue reading

How to Mend a Broken Nutter Butter Heart

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Do you ever have one of those nights where you just can’t fall asleep … start thinking about everything under the sun? ¬†I had one of those nights … thought about new Christmas projects, chocolate, dirty laundry and Valentine Nutter … Continue reading

The Easiest Christmas Tree

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Today … the day before Christmas Eve … I am sharing another Christmas idea!!! ¬†I wasn’t going to do it … couldn’t help myself … have no willpower! ¬†I have issues … one of them is¬†I want to do everything … Continue reading

Santa Is Coming Down Your Chimney Tonight … Pops!

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To post or not to post another Christmas idea … it’s been my dilemma! ¬†I decided that this project is so easy … thought you might appreciate it ūüėČ I’m going to make short and sweet … Christmas is around … Continue reading

Owl Pops

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Where does your creativity/inspiration come from?¬† Do you dream up ideas all on your own?¬† Do you need guidance and directions?¬† Are you like me … sometimes it just happens when you least expect it? I was shopping at JoAnn’s … Continue reading

You are what you eat

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Do you believe that old saying, “you are what you eat”? It must be true … here is a little peek¬†at my family … My hubby ate so many Nutter Butter Cookies … he turned into one … hahaha! I … Continue reading

Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops

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Spring has sprung … finally!¬† The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the yard needs weeding.¬†¬† The weeds will have to wait … I have marshmallows that need to be dipped! ¬†Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops are more important than … Continue reading