Simplified Nutter Butter Hearts

Good morning!  Yesterday I was very excited to share my Nutter Butter Broken Hearts.  Shortly after I finished the post, shared on Facebook and Pinterest … I started to have second thoughts about my hearts … were they overdone or complicated?  Why didn’t I simplify them?  I’m all about simple, after all!

Well … I simplified …

P1030535 Nutter Butter Hearts


To tell you the truth … while I was making the batch of hearts for yesterday’s post, I was worried about the two pieces of cookie needing the chocolate backing to help hold everything together.  I was wrong … it was not necessary … although, there’s nothing wrong about having extra chocolate!

This is what I tried and it worked!

P1030533 ed


Cut the cookies like I showed you yesterday … apply some melted chocolate to one cut edge … press the two pieces together … apply top decoration as desired … chill for a few minutes!  SUPER SIMPLE … EASY PEASY … just the way it should be 😉

P1030534 Nutter Butter Heart


By the way … as I was making these, my hubby walked by and told me that I’m a genius … and he laughed!  That’s just how our relationship works 😉

P1030537 Nutter butter Valentine's Day


Once again … I want to tell you how much I appreciate your comments!

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22 thoughts on “Simplified Nutter Butter Hearts

  1. By leaving them plain – people will immediately know they’re the beloved Nutter Butters. All kinds of varieties now – plain vs decorated – for your cookie tray. The zig zag chocolate design screams “broken heart”. You’re always thinking. For the undecorated ones, do you need to put the zig zag on both sides or does it hold together well enough just on one side (and on the center, of course)?

    S. Florida (thought listing where you’re from would be fun – ideas from all over the US and beyond)


    • Hi Tavette in Florida! I did not put the zigzag on the back and they seemed to hold together fine … if you put the zigzag on both sides, it would be two sided, more strongly supported and best of all … more chocolate!!!

      Brenda in S. California 😉


  2. Super cute. Love how your creative and genius mind works.
    One thing you forgot………. yours and your sweeties first initial; one on each side of the heart :}

    Have a fun and enjoyable week


      • NUTTER BUTTER ALERT. Several have commented that they wished Nutter Butter would make another shape. Well…..tonight I discovered they already do. They’re called Nutter Butter Patties and they’re slightly rectangular. Saw them at Walmart. Didn’t buy them so can’t give a better description than what I saw on the wrapper.

        Tavette S. Florida

        On Tue, Jan 14, 2014 at 11:48 PM, Sweet Simple Stuff wrote:

        > sweetsimplestuff commented: “Hi Colleen in Texas! Thank you so much > … initials would be adorable ;)” >


        • Dear Tavette in S. Florida, I have a Nutter Butter alert for you … went to the grocery store yesterday … the Nutter Butter shelf was empty, except for the patties (seen them before, have never bought them), Son #3 says they sold out because everybody saw my hearts … I laughed … they were on sale …. more will be delivered today 😉 I need to try the patties someday!

          It’s 67 degrees at 6am in So Cal … gonna be a hot one today 🙂


        • Know you immediately gave son #3 a big smooch for saying the Nutter Butters sold out because of your heart design. The original shape is just soooo versatile. Doubt there are as many things one could do out of the rectangles as you do with the figure 8 design of the originals, but I’m sure you’ll come up with something one day. For now – the figure 8’s are just fine. Couldn’t make a heart out of a rectangle.


  3. BAHAHAHAHAHA! i hope to laugh at you again and again Brenda along with your hubby. it’s a compliment for your genius work y’know, you just bring out the happy 😉 !!!
    and you know us “mad scientists” laugh quite loudly when we create something awesome 🙂


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