Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops

Spring has sprung … finally!  The sun is shining, flowers are blooming and the yard needs weeding.   The weeds will have to wait … I have marshmallows that need to be dipped!  Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops are more important than yard work 😉

Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops by SweetSimpleStuff

I confessed a few weeks ago (St. Patrick’s Day faux cupcakes) that I have an obsession with “Jumbo Mallows”.   Well, it was about a year ago that I first discovered these huge marshmallows and knew that I had to figure out something to do with them.  I had the book “Hello Cupcake” and was following Bakerella’s blog … then it came to me … I could use  similar designs on marshmallows!  So, I made chicks, bunnies, eggs, etc. for Easter.  This is what I learned … inspiration can come from a variety of places, just adapt it to fit your needs.   If you can’t find the exact items that are used in these (or any other) instructions, ask yourself “what can I substitute?”

This is what you will need …

 Lollipop sticks, marshmallows, candy melts, sprinkles (for wings, feet & beaks), edible markers

This is how I made these spring chicks …

First, melt yellow candy melts (see melting chocolate above).  Look at your marshmallow and decide what surface is the front of the chick … insert lollipop stick all the way into the marshmallow.  Dip it into the melted candy covering the entire marshmallow and just touching the stick.  Tap the sucker stick to shake off excess candy.  If you get too much candy on the stick, clean it up now or wait until the candy has hardened and trim with a paring knife.


I just made a sucker stand with an inexpensive (dollar store) plastic container, filled with rice or beans and drilled holes in the lid.  Before I made my fancy dancy sucker stand, I would lay the candy dipped marshmallow in a piece of wax paper, parchment paper or stand it up in a piece of styrofoam.  Warning … if you lay the sucker down, a puddle of candy may form … but don’t worry, it can be trimmed up with a paring knife after the candy has hardened up.  Pop the marshmallows in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes to harden up.

We will now add personality to the chick … using a dot of melted chocolate as “glue”, attach a beak, wings and feet.  I used an orange Wilton Rainbow Chip for the beak and Wilton Jumbo Leaves for the wings & feet.  If you can’t find these items … Starburst candy can be flattened and molded like clay … there are so many colorful candies available.  This poor little chick wants to see … please give him eyeballs!  Use melted chocolate with a toothpick or draw eyes with an edible marker.


Each little chickie turns out a little different … I hope they make you smile.


4 thoughts on “Yellow Chick Marshmallow Pops

  1. Another really cute Easter idea. I’m thinking about using marshmallows of varying sizes (mama chick, baby, Big Daddy 🙂 Might even squish them a bit to create slightly different shapes. Fast, simple and inexpensive – just the way we like it. Thanks

    Tavette – S. Florida


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