Owl Pops

Where does your creativity/inspiration come from?  Do you dream up ideas all on your own?  Do you need guidance and directions?  Are you like me … sometimes it just happens when you least expect it?

Owl Marshmallow Pops

I was shopping at JoAnn’s with a friend for a plate hanger.  Of course we had to look at all of the fall decorations … saw this cute wood owl …

0911031505 … ‘marshmallow pop’ immediately popped into my head.  I have wanted to make an owl for some time … kept changing my mind on how to do it.  I finally found my inspiration!

I was drawn to this guy because he’s short, wide, has flower shaped eyes and is super simple.  You know that I like simple 😉

This is what you will need …



  1. Melt chocolate according to package directions.  I like to put my chocolate in a deep container for easier dipping.  Marshmallows aren’t always perfectly shaped … pick the side that you want to decorate … then dip the tip of the straw in melted chocolate and insert it deep into the marshmallow.  Let it sit for a few minutes.
  2. Dip the entire marshmallow into the chocolate and tap off all excess chocolate. Set it on prepared tray.
  3. Add 2 mini chocolate chips for ears/horns (you can read about that here).  Chill for a few minutes.owl pop directions
  4. Use a toothpick with a dot of melted chocolate to attach eyes, beak and feet to the owl.
  5. Use the edible marker to carefully draw eyeballs … I had to wear my glasses for this part 😉
  6. Draw wings if you want … use a toothpick, squeeze bottle or pastry bag and melted chocolate.

Here’s the big question …

wings ... or ... not  owl pops

If you recall my M&M’s Chicks, I seem to have a problem making decisions on wings 😉

Here’s the family opinions … Hubby says they are cute owls, Son #1 actually came up with the idea of adding the branch (pretzel), Son #3 wanted to know what they were supposed to be (he’s in big trouble with me)

P1030171 owl pops

So what do think about the wings?  I love your input 🙂

*  Thank you once again to Miss CandiQuik for providing the chocolate for this project!

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28 thoughts on “Owl Pops

  1. Oh, they’re a hoot. :} So Adorable.
    No owl can fly without wings, so yes, they gotta have their wings to fly………….my way of course. :}


  2. You keep going to Joann’s and anywhere else for inspiration as you always come up with something simple and cute. If I’d have seen that wooden owl I would have thought fudge in a cookie cutter, but your marshmallow & sprinkles are better. The dot in the eye gives them life.

    Sure – lay the burden of wings or no wings on us ONCE AGAIN! I’m gonna break with the crowd (above) and say wings aren’t mandatory. They’re cute either way. If you want them, however, I’d lay them on their backs once all is dry and then pipe the wings because you can be more accurate piping something that’s horizontal vs something vertical. Also – I’d practice the wings before doing them on the good stuff.

    Here’s an idea … if your piping isn’t that accurate or, like me, you like the 3-D look, how about adding some brown or black sprinkles (the long kind) to the wings while they’re still wet.

    Tell your son the pretzel idea is a good one.

    Very cute idea – thanks for posting.


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