How to Mend a Broken Nutter Butter Heart

Do you ever have one of those nights where you just can’t fall asleep … start thinking about everything under the sun?  I had one of those nights … thought about new Christmas projects, chocolate, dirty laundry and Valentine Nutter Butter cookies!

I wish Nutter Butter cookies were made in a variety of shapes … since they aren’t … I felt the need to make my own heart shape for Valentine’s Day.  OK, it’s time to cue the music and start singing … How Can You Mend A Broken Heart by the Bee Gees … or just hum along.  I do have the answer to the question … you can mend a broken heart with chocolate … at least a broken Nutter Butter Heart 😉

P1030528 how do you mend a broken nutter butter heart

I was home alone when I cut the first cookie … I had never seen this done before … did I invent a Nutter Butter Heart?  My imagination took over … I felt like a genius, an inventor, maybe a mad scientist … could almost hear Alton Brown laughing in the background … yeah, I got a little carried away!  The Peanut Butter Man came home … I shared my Nutter Butter Heart invention … reminded him that I’m a genius, again … he laughed, again.  Why does he laugh at me?  However, he was very happy that it involved Nutter Butters, as usual 😉

P1030529 Nutter Butter hearts

I want to share my joy with you …

P1030519 ed

Easy as pie!  Cutting the cookie at different angles creates different shape hearts (as in the above photo).  I used a gentle back and forth sawing motion and with a small serrated steak knife on a cutting board.

I used my electric griddle (on warm, about 150°) to melt several colors of candy coating/candy melts/chocolate …

P1030524 ed

Gathered various sprinkles and pearls…

P1030523 ed

Then, I used a Nutter Butter heart to draw 4 patterns (a little larger than the cookie) on white paper …

P1030521 ed

  1. Cover the paper pattern with wax paper.
  2. Use melted candy in a squeeze bottle or pastry bag to draw the outline (add pearls if desired) let it dry for a few minutes.
  3. Fill in the majority of the heart with melted candy.
  4. Place the Nutter Butter on the melted candy immediately, press the two halves together, push on the center seam  if necessary.  Drizzle with melted candy and add sprinkles.

Then I tried this method …

P1030522 ed

To form one whole heart … I dipped one half in melted candy, tapped off excess chocolate and placed it on wax paper … dipped the other half, tapped off excess chocolate and placed it so that it touched the first piece and attached as the chocolate hardened. Chill for a few minutes.  I cleaned up uneven edges of chocolate with a small sharp knife … then added decoration.

To form two halves … a.k.a. a broken heart … I followed the same steps but did not let the two pieces touch on the wax paper.

P1030531 Nutter Butter Valentine's Day Heart

Can you tell that it’s made from a Nutter Butter?


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26 thoughts on “How to Mend a Broken Nutter Butter Heart

  1. Wow – who would ever think to cut a Nutter Butter to form a heart? Only you and it IS genius. Not only did you form a heart, you figured out how to form two different shaped hearts. BRAVO

    What would happen if you first dipped just the cut parts and stuck them together. Then….when that hardens, dip the whole heart in chocolate? Would that work or would the pieces fall apart?’

    I’m imagining chocolate arrows, etc. for the hearts. Bet even the Nutter Butter head honchos never thought their cookies would make into hearts. Big pat on the back for you.


  2. Oh, how very creative and what a genius you are. Those heart cookies are adorable.
    You need to contact the Nabisco company and just show them your creation and just ask them why they don’t have different shaped cookies. That would be so cool to have different shaped nutter butters, but then again, it’s interesting how Your creative mind works. :}
    No wonder you can’t sleep some nights………your thinking about your next creations.

    Love your idea of using your electric griddle for melting all your chocolates. I don’t have one so always melted each one separate until I seen using the crock pot idea.

    Enjoy your day.


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