Nutter Butter Chickens

Good morning!  I am typing this post from a hotel room … the hubby and I are on “spring break”.  We are not college kids, but the parents of a college kid left at home to go to work and school while we have fun!  I like this version of a spring break and highly recommend it 😉  These little pops were made the night before we skipped town.  It has been a year since I made Nutter Butter Chicks … they grew up … into Nutter Butter Chickens!

Nutter Butter Chicks Chickens

While the kid is home studying … maybe he can figure out the answer to this question …

Chicken Nutter Butter

I love these little guys … or girls … easy to make and guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face.

Here are the easy peasy instructions and stuff that you will need to make about 16 Nutter Butter Chickens …

  • 1 pound white/vanilla candy coating (such as CandiQuik)
  • 1 package Nutter Butter Cookies
  • 16 sticks (I used wooden coffee stirrers)
  • 32 white Jordan Almonds
  • 32 orange Reese’s Pieces (I found a pack of orange ones shaped like a carrot in the Easter candy at Target)
  • 32 candy eyeballs
  • 16 yellow candy chips (such as Wilton Rainbow Chips)
  • 16 each jumbo & small red heart sprinkles
  • Tweezers may be helpful!

Nutter Butter Chickens

  1. Melt candy coating.  Line a tray with wax paper or parchment.  Use the coffee stirrer to separate a Nutter Butter, use a little melted candy to attach the stirrer, put cookie back together immediately.
  2. Dip cookie into melted candy, tap off excess, drag bottom of cookie across the bowl’s edge to remove excess candy and place on prepared tray. Move to step 3 immediately.
  3. Place 2 Jordan Almonds against cookie to form wings, add 2 orange candies for feet and then add a large red heart in the top/middle as the “comb”.  Note:  it may be necessary to hold this still for a moment for it to stick, tweezers help!  Chill to set or let sit at room temp.
  4. Use a dot of melted candy to attach small heart (wattle), beak and eyeballs.

Nutter Butter Chicken by SweetSimpleStuff

My guys gave opinions …

  • The Peanut Butter Man says … the chickens look like Casper (the friendly ghost) … silly man! … corrected himself rather quickly … also added that the Nutter Butter came before the chicken!
  • Son #3 says … they look like cartoon chickens … smart man! … just the look I was going for 🙂

I love your comments!

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Baby pics …

Nutter butter chicks  Nutter Butter Chicks


21 thoughts on “Nutter Butter Chickens

  1. Mmmm, I want those Jordan Almonds, Brenda. Are you and PB man on a week-long Spring break or just a day or two? What will the boys do for food while you’re gone?!


  2. So – now you have mama chicks (the almond arms) and baby chicks (yellow M&M’s). Good going.

    Actually I think Peanut Butter Man may have inadvertently given you another great idea – Casper – who could be made at Halloween with a color and a few edible embellishment changes. Interesting how people see things so differently. WE immediately saw chicks while he saw something else.

    Tavette – South Florida


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