Cupcake Paper Flowers and a Giveaway

Do you remember the cupcake liners of yesterday?  I remember the choices were so limited … white, pastel and silver.  Now, there are so many to choose from … bright colors, polka dots, zebra stripes and sooo many more.  Today I decided to use them for something other than cupcakes or muffins … something crafty … paper flowers.  I had seen this idea on a website … but can’t remember where … so I “winged” it.  It was a very simple  and fast project.  I probably spent more time arranging the flowers in the vase than I did making the flowers!

I would like to share … I took all of the marshmallow critters to the Easter gathering at my neice’s house … the children smiled as they bit the heads off of those little critters!  By the way, I apoligize for my lack of posting for the last nine days.  Life has been busy around here … holidays, a few days out of town, laundry, cleaning … you know what I mean … life.

So now,  back to the fun …

These are the supplies you will need to make the flowers … cupcake liners, buttons, pipe cleaners and something to poke a hole in the cupcake papers (I used an exacto knife) …

Bend 1-1/2″ of a pipe cleaner to form a tail … then poke the pipe cleaner thru the button holes …


Wrap the tail around the stem to secure the button …

Cut the cupcake paper/papers … thread the stem thru the papers so that the button becomes the center of the flower …


I added “leaves” to some of the flowers … just bend or wrap the pipe cleaners as shown …



I am not sure what the correct botanical name is for these flowers, but they are fun!  I hope you enjoy them.  Happy Mothers’ Day!


I do have a confession … I love all cupcake liners … I see them and buy them … friends buy them for me … I buy them for friends … I confess … I hoard cupcake liners.  But, here is the good news … I am going to share my liners with one lucky winner.  To enter, tell me what you would do with the liners if you won.  Would you use them to bake cupcakes, make a crafty project, or something else?  If you don’t know what you will do them, just say “Hi”.  To enter, please leave your answer below in the comment section (don’t forget your email address).   The deadline to enter the drawing is Saturday, May 7, 2011 midnight.  The Peanut Butter Addict will draw the winner out of a hat (literally) and  I will announce the winner on Sunday, May 8.  Good luck!

Giveaway is over, sorry  😦


15 thoughts on “Cupcake Paper Flowers and a Giveaway

  1. Love your flowers. If I won I would probably use them for one my teas I hold unless I got the inspiration to do something else before then.


  2. I think I would use the animal print ones for Jello shots, they look like they would be fun for a Party. I’d use the pretty ones to maybe make another cupcake animal, like I did with the Bunny for easter this year.

    By the way. I made some Marshmellow Chicks and Bunnies for Easter as well. They were enjoyed by all, however the sweetness left my Cupcake Bunny untouched. Ha ha ha!! Sugar Overload I guess.


  3. OH!! I would LOVE to win this!! There is just so much to do with cupcake liners!! First, make sweet daughter and hubby cupcakes….DUH! Then make some cute spring topiaries, maybe a wreath or two, a few cute hair clips, gift box tags……OH I have The Peanut Butter Addict pics me!!!! 🙂


  4. I love cute cupcake liners!
    Of COURSE I would make some pretty cupcakes with some.
    I also would stash some for summer picnics. Cover soda cans or glasses with a cupcake liner and poke a hole through for a straw and you have instant pretty bug-proof beverages!


  5. I love to make cupcakes so I would probably use them for that. (I too love cupcake liners) I may also try out your flowers with them with my kiddos. Thanks for the chance


  6. I would use them to bake some beautiful cupcakes and use some of the liners to make some
    table center pieces for my daughter’s birthday party


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  8. I want to make flowers with the residents at the Alzheimer’s facility my Mom lives at. I do craft projects with them 1 or 2 times a month. We are going to make May Day Baskets with the flowers in them. I love these flowers they are simple enough for the residents to make.


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