M&M’S Butterflies

Spring is in the air!  I’ve been watching butterflies flutter around my yard … lizards sunning themselves … flowers blooming and of course the weeds are growing like crazy!

Since I really don’t want to pull weeds today … how about making some candy butterflies?  I guess you can tell the order of my priorities 😉

M&m butterflies

These butterflies are made with dark chocolate, peanut M&M’S and spaghetti.  Yes, I said spaghetti … uncooked spaghetti!   Don’t forget to make your favorite cupcakes and frost them 🙂


To make 24 butterflies … You will need about one pound of chocolate or candy melts, 12 to 14 ounce bag of Peanut M&M’s and 12 strands of spaghetti.

Last year I made these 3-d pastel butterfly cookies

3d butterfly cookies

This year I wanted to go bright …

M&m's butterfly

Let’s get started … melt the chocolate in a bowl.  Work on wax paper or parchment.  Make the antenna by breaking the spaghetti into pieces about 2″ long (4 pieces from each strand).  Dip each piece of spaghetti into the melted chocolate, tap off excess chocolate, drag the spaghetti across the edge of the bowl.  You want to remove as much chocolate as possible to create a thin antenna.  Lay it on the paper and allow to dry.


Put some melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle, pastry bag or ziptop bag (with a corner cut) Make the wings in two sections … squeeze some chocolate on the wax paper, add an m&m, make an other dot of chocolate above the first, add another m&m … repeat for the opposite wing.  Chill for a few minutes …


The nice thing about creating two separate wings is that it allows you to place the wings at an angle, then add the body of the butterfly.  Remember to add the antenna …

M&m butterfly

Now … I might go pull those weeds!

A note about the uncooked spaghetti … I used it because it is an edible product.  I did not want to use something that was not edible and accidentally eaten.  When I first used it, Son #1 was horrified, thought that he would break his teeth on it, LOL!  It may not taste great … You won’t break your teeth!

I look forward to your comments!

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