Easy Dr. Seuss Cookies … One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish

March 2, 2015 … Dr. Seuss Day or Read Across America Day, would have been Dr. Seuss’s 111th birthday!  I remember reading Dr. Seuss books as a child and loving them … continued that tradition by reading them to my kiddos.  We even made green eggs and ham, by adding blue food coloring to eggs while scrambling them.  Today, I am honoring one of our favorite books … made some very Easy Dr. Seuss Cookies … One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish!

Read Across America Day Cookies by SweetSimpleStuff

Sorry for my wonky writing today … guess I should have been wearing those red glasses!  What can I say … it is what it is … silly writing to go with a silly book!  My cookies are imperfect, but perfect as a snack while reading any ol’ book 😉  Speaking of books … how about a mini cookie book …

Dr. Seuss One Fish Two Fish Cookies by SweetSimpleStuff

Can you see the white inside the cookie book sandwich?  It reminds me of pages of paper between the graham cracker covers.  Books are a very special thing to me … very opinionated in this matter … ebooks are great, but real books that you hold in your hands are irreplaceable.

One fish two fish red fish blue fish Book Cookies by SweetSimpleStuff

These cookies are so easy … no baking required … graham crackers to the rescue!  I used melted candy coating because it hardens quickly.  If you decide to use royal icing, allow more time for drying.  Colorful fish candies worked perfectly!

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Cookies

  • Graham crackers
  • Yellow candy coating/candy melts (melted according to package directions)
  • Fish shaped candy
  • Blue sanding sugar
  • Red candy coating/candy melts (melted in a squeeze bottle or decorating bag with a tiny tip #2)
  • White candy coating/candy melts (melted in a squeeze bottle or decorating bag with tip #4)
  • Peanut Butter
  • Black food safe marker
  1. To make the book cover – Use a whole rectangular graham cracker, spread melted yellow candy (I used the back of a teaspoon) on one side of cracker.  While the candy is still soft, put fish candy in place and sprinkle some blue sugar along the bottom edge (as the water).  Chill for a few minutes (do not leave in the refrigerator too long, to avoid moisture build up).  Use melted red candy to write “Dr. Seuss” along top of cookie and black marker to write ” one fish ….”.  Hint: a coating sometimes builds up on the tip of edible markers, gently wipe it on a paper towel and continue!                                                                                                Dr. Seuss graham crackers by SweetSimpleStuff        One fish two fish red fish Crackers by SweetSimpleStuff
  2. To make mini cookie book – Cut graham crackers in half (use a serrated knife and sawing motion).  Each book will use two graham cracker squares … one decorated top and a plain one for the bottom.   To make the top … follow directions above (omitting the use of red candy).   To make the bottom … spread some peanut butter on a graham cracker, leaving enough room to pipe white candy around edges.  Pipe white candy, let it set until it has started to firm up, add another layer of white candy and a third layer if necessary (this will create a “dam” for the peanut butter, create layers of “pages” and hold the top and bottom cookies together).  Place top “book cover” on bottom and chill for a few minutes.

One Fish Two Fish Peanut Butter cookies by SweetSimpleStuff

Dr. Seuss Peanut Butter Book by SweetSimpleStuff   One fish two fish red fish blue fish Snack by SweetSimpleStuff

Just one of the many weird facts about me … people who really know me and my dislike/fear of fish, may be wondering why and how I made these cookies.  Well … candy fish and cartoon like fish are Okay … it’s the real fish that give me the heebie-jeebies!   I do cook and eat fish, as long as it is filleted and scaled.  It may not make sense to you … it’s my phobia … working on it 😉

One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish Cookies by SweetSimpleStuff

What is your favorite Dr. Seuss book?




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