Nutter Butter Chicks

My love of Nutter Butters continues and chicks are just so darn cute!  Just in time for Easter … Nutter Butter Chicks!

Nutter butter chicks

I started making these little chicks last week … showed some ‘experimental versions’ to my friend Stephanie … I knew that she would give me an honest opinion.  Then I told her about my idea for Skateboarding Peeps … went home and made those instead of  the chicks!  I guess the chicks just needed a little more time to hatch 😉

This is what you will need …


Work on the wax paper …

  1. Insert the wood stick about half way up the cookie and separate the cookie … add a small amount of melted candy … put cookie back together and let candy harden. (This step is very important … my cookies fell off the stick when I skipped this!)
  2. Dip the cookie in melted candy … tap off excess … lay on wax paper.
  3. Place 2 orange Reece’s Pieces as the feet … 2 yellow ones for the wings.
  4. Place 2 black sugar pearls for eyes … 1 orange Rainbow Chip for the beak.  I did use tweezers (for food only).
  5. Chill for a few minutes.

Favorite Little chick

I love chicks … do you remember these chicks from the past?

Chick marshmallow pop Marshmallow Chicks

Chick Cupcakes Chick Cupcakes

m&m's Chicks M&M’s Chicks

Maybe my love of chicks goes back to my childhood … I talked (begged and pleaded) my Grandma into getting two real chicks for my sister and I … they grew up into roosters … I would walk my young rooster up and down the street on a leash … as it got older it became very mean … we gave the roosters to the neighbor’s gardener, so they could live on a farm … at least that is what I was told and want to believe 😉

My hubby knows of this story and laughs because I walked a rooster on a leash!  He grew up in the country … I grew up in the suburbs 🙂

I love all of the chicks … do you have a favorite one?

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52 thoughts on “Nutter Butter Chicks

  1. You “crack” me up chick! Pun intended (egg, crack, hatch, chick!) My fav are the cute marshmallow chicks – but they are all A+ chicks in my book!


  2. Cute, cute, cute.all the way around.
    Had made some of them skateboarder bunnies (remember me mentioning church dessert auction) and used the nutter butter cookies cause wasn’t able to find the cookies you suggested. They where a Big hit. My double layer carrot cake sold for $100.00 and a doz. of them little skateboaders sold last night for $65.00. All the money raised goes to a good cause; doing missionary work in Haiti this summer.
    Thank You So Very Much 4 ALL the wonderful ideas.


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  4. These are adorable! I would like to make for Easter, where do I buy the yellow candy melts or black sugar pearls? I see online, but need to make tomorrow! 🙂


    • Thank you Jen ;). Yellow candy melts are usually available at many craft stores or cake/candy supply store. You will probably find the pearls too … Dots of melted chocolate may also be used for eyes. Hope that helps!


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