Chick Cupcakes for Easter

Spring chicks, what can I say … I love them because they are cute, yellow, roly poly and sooo sweet and simple to make!  Just bake your favorite cupcakes, frost them yellow, add a few decorations and you are done … very fast and easy … my favorite way of doing things!  Here’s my Chick Cupcakes for Easter …

Chick Cupcakes by SweetSimpleStuff

Here is what you will need … cupcakes, yellow frosting, jumbo leaf sprinkles, black sugar pearls and candy coated sunflower seeds …

Frost the cupcakes using a small spatula …

Using the leaf sprinkles, give the chick feet and wings …


Now give her a sunflower seed beak and sugar pearl eyes …


Now, make a million chicks … they will make you smile!!!

Remember … substitute if you need or want to … for example, mini chocolate chips could be used for eyes.

Happy Easter!


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