Potato Stick Stacks … it’s a sweet & salty thing

Do you ever have an idea for a project that just sounds so perfect while you are planning it?

Then you have gathered your thoughts, supplies and are in the middle of the project and it doesn’t work … it literally falls apart?  This has happened more than once to me.

So, you move on to ‘plan B’ and it works … yeah!

Now another problem … what do you do with the leftover stuff that you didn’t use?  I’ll tell you what to do … make Potato Stick Stacks … of course!

potato stick stacks

Would you like some chocolate covered potato chips?  You know you do!

Do you want to stand in the kitchen all day dipping one potato chip at a time?  I don’t!

I have an easy peasy, super simple solution … clusters!

Shoestring potatoes mixed with chocolate … so easy to make … even easier to eat … big crunch factor and you  get that wonderful sweet and salty thing 😉

This is what you will need, just two simple ingredients …

P1030141 a

  • 1 pound Chocolate Candy Coating (CandiQuik)*
  • 9 ounce container Shoestring Potatoes (potato chips in stick form) (you will probably have some left)

Let’s get started …

  • Line a tray with wax paper or parchment and melt chocolate …

potato stick stack instructions

  1. I found it easiest to work in smaller batches.  Pour about 1 cup of melted chocolate in a medium bowl, add about 1-1/2 cup potatoes, stir until potatoes are coated in chocolate, add more if you like.
  2. Drop spoonfuls of mixture on prepared tray.  Chill for a few minutes.  Repeat until all chocolate is used.

Now, tell me … was that the easiest thing ever?

shoestring potato clusters

Let me warn you … hide them from yourself … give them to the neighbors, family, friends … they are addicting!  Please don’t blame me, if you eat too many … I warned you 😉 

*  Thank you once again to Sarah (Miss CandiQuik) for supplying the chocolate!

I ♥ your comments 😉

♦  I share my share my stuff at these fun parties 



17 thoughts on “Potato Stick Stacks … it’s a sweet & salty thing

  1. I thought you were going to say you eat the mistakes (cuz that’s what we do), but no…..you make something else which is probably better than the original idea.

    Oh yes…..have stood for hours making chocolate potato chips, only to see kids snarfle them down in seconds. This is MUCH simpler and probably just as good. It sounds like the way to go! Will put this on my Halloweeen list.


  2. I was so excited about the sticks that I forgot to mention…..for Halloween you could sprinkle a FEW Halloween related sprinkles on top while the stack is still wet.


    • Confession time … of course we ate the mistakes, which were potatoes and a little chocolate on the ends. It was obvious to us that more chocolate would be better 🙂

      We do like these more than the potato chip version, because of the thickness of the sticks … more crunch!

      Sprinkles would be a great addition … how about candy eyeballs?


  3. Not sure if anyone is posting, but I have made them for years using chocolate chips/different flavors and sometimes sprinkling them. We cool them in the fridge on wax paper in layers. They are our favorites!! Thanks for posting. I was looking to see if there were other ways to make them.


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