Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead Cupcakes

If I could sing … I would … ding-dong, the witch is dead!  (FYI … you should be happy that you can’t hear me!)

This was a first for me … cupcakes served icing side down!

On Sunday, I was looking at the Michael’s ad and saw this idea.   I believe that the witch legs were made with fondant.  I wanted to make it a little simpler.  So this is what I can up with …

Leg ideas … Sour Punch Sticks, pretzel sticks, Pixy Stix, licorice, sugar sticks, stick cookies and tiny chocolate cigarettes …

Shoe ideas … colored Jordan almonds, small jelly beans and Starburst …

Candy melts to attach the shoe to the leg …

This what you will need …

Before we start, I want to explain that my goal was to make this a very quick and easy project.  I just loved the idea of the witch under the cupcake!  Of course you could spend more time than I did and make it “perfect”.

Here are the items that I chose to use for legs and shoes … I did cut one Starburst and made 2 shoes from it …

Dip the legs in candy melts to create “socks” …

Attach the shoes …

Frost your cupcakes however you want … remember nobody will see the tops!  Assemble the legs …

Turn the cupcakes icing side down on top of the legs and place a hat nearby …

I did pull out the edible marker and add some details …

P. S.  If you like the doilies that I used, don’t forget to enter the GIVEAWAY!

Comments are always appreciated …

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45 thoughts on “Ding-Dong, the Witch is Dead Cupcakes

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  2. Love these little witchy upside dwn cuppies…I thnk I will definetly have a go fr my halloween party…thnks fr sharing.x…(cupcakes for u)


  3. OMG – can you seem my jaw wide open – I just can’t close it. These are awesomely awesome. To me awesome is great – so you can imagine what 2 awesomes are for me!!


  4. omg!! we’re planning my daughter’s birthday party for next year and it’s going to be wizard of oz!! i have to save this to be able to make them for her! this is so awesome!!


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  10. These cupcakes look amazing. This is such an unique idea and it gave me a good chuckle! Would you mind if feature these cupcakes on my blog (cakediem.com)? Ofc, it would appropriately sourced with links back to here.

    Thank you 🙂


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