Oreo Graduation Pops

It’s May … graduation ceremonies and parties are being planned.

So today I made some happy face graduates 🙂

Oreo Graduation Pops

All graduates are happy … right?  They will be even happier if you give them a pop made with an Oreo, chocolate marshmallow and dipped in chocolate!

Check out the striped sticks … do you remember the coffee stirrers and paper straws from my shopping finds?

I flattened the straws and inserted the wood stir sticks … it was a nice tight fit …

straw sticks

I cut some straws in half … the long straws were only flattened half way.  Leave about 1″ or 2″ of the stick outside of the straw to insert in cookie.  (I tried flattening the straws and inserting them in the cookies … I broke every cookie I tried 😦 … then had to eat the broken cookies 🙂 )

These happy grads are yellow because I’m a traditionalist and believe happy faces should be yellow … Have a Nice Day 🙂  You can use whatever color makes you happy 😉

This is what you will need …

Oreos for graduation

  1. Prepare sticks in straws if desired.
  2. Dip tip of stick in melted yellow candy and insert in cookie filling, let sit for a few minutes to firm up.
  3. Dip cookie in yellow candy, tap off all excess candy, add a marshmallow, allow to sit at room temperature or chill for a few minutes to firm up.
  4. Dip marshmallow and a small amount of cookie in melted dark chocolate to form hat/cap, allow to sit again.
  5. Use dark chocolate to make eyes and mouth.  I used a squeeze bottle … use what’s best for you (toothpick, pastry bag, etc.)

Happy helpful hint of the day – I usually use an electric griddle/skillet to melt my chocolate.  Place the cookies on the griddle/skillet for a few minutes to soften the icing.  This is just an alternative to the microwave hint from last week.

warm your Oreos

I look forward to your comments!

♦ Please remember to visit these fun parties, you’ll find lots of cute stuff ♦


27 thoughts on “Oreo Graduation Pops

  1. Oh my gosh, these are soo Cute! And your tips are wonderful (like the griddle)!! Thank you for posting this, I am going to make these!!


  2. Love that you not only have teriffic ideas, but you share your “snafoos” with us as well. And how many cookies did you intentionally break (inserting the stick) so you could eat the broken ones. HAHAHA

    Warming the Oreo icing – that would definitely help. Thanks for the tip.

    Rice in a short glass – never thought of that. Round or half round gems from a craft store might work as well and you could get clear or colored. If using styrofoam to hold them you’d have to first cut out holes in the styrofoam as I don’t think the straw could withstand being poked into it.

    Congrats to all this year’s graduates and thanks for this wonderful post.



    • Tavette, Do you think that I broke cookies intentionally, just so that I could eat them? Were you spying on me, LOL 😉

      Gems … what a great idea!!! I have a bag of glass marbles that I use for flowers in vases … now they will get used for pops too 🙂


  3. These are adorable Brenda! Great timing as graduation ceremonies are happening everywhere. I know that your helpful hints of warming the oreos are just the thing i need to make something like this. However I don’t think I could ever make them as cute as yours. I want to pin this one!!!


  4. Oh my…these are fun and creative treats. my boy is graduating soon and I’m sure he’ll be a happy camper with these cute pops. 🙂 You make a great use of those paper straws and coffee stirrers! Thanks for sharing the idea.


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