Halloween Review


Here it is … the end of September already!!!

I’m finishing up some new Halloween ideas and will be sharing them shortly 😉

Until then … here is a blast from the past …

witch hat cupcakes

Cupcakes with easy peasy witch hats

ding dong the witch is dead

The witch is dead … cupcakes!  When you serve your cupcakes upside-down, there’s no need to decorate them neatly 😉

marshmallow eyeballs

Eyeball marshmallow pops … who doesn’t like bloodshot eyeballs?

Bat moon pies

Moon Pie moons with bats … one of the simplest things ever!

Nutter butter bats

Nutter Butter bats … one my favorites!


Pumpkin Marshmallows … I saw them at Target this week!

Have a wonderful weekend 🙂  See you soon with new stuff!



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