Bats + Moon Pies = Simple Halloween Treat

I have a question for you … do you know how the Moon Pie got its name?

This morning, I came up with this idea using banana flavored mini Moon Pies and remembered a story (from my brother-in-law) about how the Moon Pies got its name.   Here is the jest of the story … a coal miner would take these cookies/cakes (Moon Pies) to work in his pocket and held one up toward the moon, saw the resemblance and named it a “Moon Pie”.   Have you heard this story before?

I grew up in California … we didn’t have Moon Pies … we had Scooter Pies, which are basically the same thing.  Today in California, we have Moon Pies in a variety of flavors … but still bring Moon Pies home when we visit family in Tennessee … don’t ask … it’s just what we do 😉

This just may be the simplest  and fastest project I have ever done!  You will need two things … mini banana Moon Pies (I found them at Rite Aid in the $1 section) and melted dark chocolate … yes, that is all you will need …

I put my melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle, but a disposable pasty bag or zip-top bag will work … just cut off a tiny corner.  These are the super simple instructions … draw 1 wing, then another wing, make a dot as a body, use a toothpick to make tiny ears!  So simple!!!

I love the simplicity of the bat silhouette on the moon!  But I truly appreciate the simplicity and ease of making these.  Why didn’t I think of this before?  🙂

Do you know how the Moon Pie got its name?  Please share …


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