Shopping Finds!

I have had some shopping luck lately that I would like to share with you!

I believe that we should share info … make our lives a little easier … find all the stuff that we “need” 😉

Here are some of my recent finds …

P1030011  Paper Straws

Blue – Home Goods

Pink – JoAnns

Multi – Target

P1030012 Baker’s Unsweetened Baking Chocolate

99¢ Only Store – One pound for 99¢ !!!

P1030016  Marshmallows

Lemon Meringue – Walmart – made by CampFire

Chocolate Brownie – Target – made by Kraft

P1030021 Wood Coffee Stirrers

Smart & Final – 500 for about $3.00 – I have used these instead of lollipop sticks.  I’m pretty sure that Starbucks won’t mind if you “borrow” a few extra stirrers … but I don’t want to take advantage 😉

0508031557 Labels

Kitchen labels and chalkboard labels – Target $1 bin

Have you found something that you would like to share?



10 thoughts on “Shopping Finds!

  1. ok – I was expecting you would put those all together for some fabulous treat – that’s how high you have set the bar!! Perhaps that’s a challenge??!! LOVE YOUR STUFF!


  2. I’ve recently seen real colorful plastic straws at CVS pharmacy – even some neon colors. Who knew? And also some at Publix (grocery store) – but they’re also plastic. The paper ones you found are better (less slippage) but they’ve been hard to find and a little pricey. Goes to show you’ve always got to have your eyes pealed.

    Coffee stir sticks not easy to find either, but saw them at Crafts ‘N Stuff in N. Palm Beach. That may not, however, be a chain store. We don’t have Smart & Final. Wonder if they have them at Big Lots – but stuff there changes all the time.

    The suppliers sometimes make it hard for us – but we persist 🙂



    • The paper straws are cute … I buy them when I find good prices 😉 I knew that Smart & Final carried the coffee stirrers because I used to shop for my sons’ Little League snack bar … didn’t even think about a craft store, thank you!


  3. Such Great looking finds
    Baker’s Chocolate. I use that All the time but not @ that price
    Oh, Luv them Mallow Bites and those labels sure will come in handy.
    Thanks 4 sharing your wonderful finds.
    I just need to get out more and do more shopping……….you think? :}


  4. Happy mother’s Day Brenda! Thankfully I still have some of the straws that I received from you as a gift! I cannot find those any where in HK. Also there are some really different marshmallows. Are those something new or have I just been living out of the States too long? LOL


    • I believe the marshmallows are fairly new. I’ve noticed that flavors come and go, so I pick up new things as I find them. The paper straws are so easy to find online, but here and there in stores 😉


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