Giveaway … a few supplies for the holidays!

Tomorrow is December 1st … time is just flying by!

I still have leftover cranberry sauce from Thanksgiving in the fridge!

Do you have plans to do some holiday baking?  Of course you do! 🙂

Do you need a few supplies?  Of course you do! 🙂

I have a few supplies to give away to one lucky baker !!!

Here they are …

Christmas giveaway

  • Silicone spatula … you can never have too many!
  • Decorating tip #1M … makes frosting cupcakes a breeze!
  • Stripped straws … for crafts or drinking you favorite holiday beverage!
  • Bakers’ twine … to tie up your baked goods!
  • Snowman cupcake papers … because everyone loves snowmen!
  • Variety pack of paper cups … because you never know what size you need!

To enter this giveaway simply tell all of us … what are you planning to bake for the holidays …  leave your answer as a comment (click at the top of the page) .  Only one entry per person.

You must leave your comment before 11:59pm (pacific time) Sunday, December 2, 2012.

Winner will be selected at Random and announced on Monday, December 3.  The winner must contact me by Wednesday or another winner will be drawn.

I have been absent for a while due to “technical difficulties” … it’s been me vs. the machine … I think I’ve won … probably a temporary situation 😉

I actually did tell one tech how I wanted to throw this computer out the window … he didn’t even laugh 😦

Now … I’m getting back in the kitchen and hope to give you some new holiday ideas 🙂

The Giveaway is now over


32 thoughts on “Giveaway … a few supplies for the holidays!

  1. hi, I’m going to cook a beatiful turkey with (only) butter and… a gorgeous Christmas cake( with special effect, ligths etc jejeje) greetings from México


  2. Brenda, today I baked Seval’s Sesame Seed Cookies (which I’ll have on my blog soon) for a holiday bake sale. I’ll be making more for gifts, plus plan to bake Peanut Butter Blossoms and Candy Cane Cookies to give away, too. Thanks for this fun giveaway! Hang in there. I have a feeling you’ll win the battle with the computer. Or, maybe Santa will bring you a new one for Christmas!


  3. Of course I’m baking for Christmas. I will be making some treats for our close friends (either cinnamon almonds or chocolate covered peanut butter balls, or something else!). And of course, I will have to bake a couple of pies for Christmas dinner (pumpkin, what else, and probably peach). Mmmmm … I can just about smell those pies already. LOL.


  4. I just stopped by to say hello. We are also going to be baking gingerbread men and women this weekend having a whole crew of my teenage boys friends here to help. I can’t wait to see the fun and easy sweet treats you will be inventing this year as looking for some ideas to bring to a gathering. Take care, BAM


  5. Most of my baking doesn’t involve actual baking: peanut butter balls, pretzel candy, copycat Payday bars, etc. I will bake either pecan pies or pecan pie bars and, of course, my Grandmother’s coconut cake. 🙂 I don’t go quite as “from scratch” as she did since she started with fresh coconut…the real deal…off of the tree…the whooooole shebangy. Angel Flake will suit me fine. 😉

    Thanks for all the goodies you provide throughout the year. I still need to tackle your Inside Out Peanut Butter Cup Pie. Maybe that will be on my Christmas to-do list, too. My whole family is bazonkers over any and all combinations of chocolate and peanut butter. 😀


  6. I am making sugar cookies, gingerbread cookies and gingerbread cupcakes, chocolate chip oatmeal cookies and probably some additional goodies 🙂


  7. I am going to make chocolate covered marshmallows for work, dip them in peppermint. I am also making a peppermint cheese cake, make a small one to test out, and then I am working on finding a white chocolate alcoholic drink. This I want to make ribs for Christmas dinner. I usually do chocolate covered pretzels to give away at my other job :3 but we’re see! I am excited for the cheese cake.


  8. I will enlist the help of my husband and son & daughter to make and bake Grandma Dorothy’s Anise Cut-Out Cookies;it is my husband’s Grandmother’s recipe that he remembers her baking at Christmas time. I make the dough, my husband rolls & cuts with cookie cutters and my teen son & tween daughter decorate/paint them before they bake in the oven. We make cookie platters and pass them out to the greeter at Walmart, the trash & recycle collection guys, gas station attendants, our pastor’s 87 year-old Dad who loves them and refuses to share them with any one. It is our cookie ministry for the holiday season!


  9. I started today. Made oatmeal raisin cookies. Had part of a bag of butterscotch chips and part of a bag of Heath bits I threw in. They have been a big hit tonight with my scrapbooking group. Have been pinning new cookie and candy recipes on Pinterest to try this year. Both of my girls will be making their Grandma’s English toffee.


  10. I have a sourdough starter I started 23 years ago, and makes the best sweet dough…I use it to bake cinnamon rolls, kolaches, and a candy cane shaped braid filled with cream cheese. I will bake all sorts of cookies but my favorite is Goo Goos. I love baking for family and friends!


  11. One thing for sure that I will be baking is peanut blossoms! Then thumb print cookies and probably italian cookies as well. Also will be trying out some new recipes too.


  12. What a sweet giveaway. I can use every bit of it. Love that spatula
    Thank you for this opportunity
    Plan on making Peppernuts(German cookie), decorated sugar cookies of all sorts,Christmas Jewels, Chocolate Cherry Kris Kringles, along with other varities and that’s not counting, the variety fudge I make and then there’s my no-bake cookies, tarts, etc.


  13. I am going to be baking with my Granddaughter, Jessica, we will be making cookies, cupcakes and a Christmas Tree Cake. She loves to bake and this gives us some real time together.


  14. What will i be making and/or baking for Christmas…candy and cookies, fudge. there’s always sugar cookies and another cookie my mother gave me the recipe to. Crescent cookies, these cookie are delish…. i love being in the kitchen @ Christmas time except when it comes to dinner. lol Merry Christmas to everyone!


  15. I will be baking all the traditional cookies, brownies and pies and her wonderful cinnamon rolls that my mother always baked at the holidays to keep her memory alive during the process


  16. I’m doing my company’s cake for our holiday dinner (80+ people) – my first huge cake! Plus a Yule wedding cake, a Yule log cake for a party, and a snowman themed cake for another party. Oh, and a lil something for my husband’s birthday, but I’m not sure what yet. I see lots of eggnog, buttercream, cinnamon and eggs in my future, but definitely not the inside of my eyelids!! 🙂


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