Monster Cupcakes

OH MY … Halloween is in just three weeks!  Why didn’t somebody tell me?  Sorry … I’m trying to make excuses for my slowness. These cupcakes are so easy and take very little time to make … easy peasy … as usual 🙂 This is what you will need … frosted cupcakes, candy eyeballs, plastic fangs (Target-8 for $1.00), light corn syrup and red food coloring … Please notice my lack of neatness in the frosting of the cupcakes … I figured they are monsters and we all know that monsters are not neat 😉  Please give the monsters eyeballs.  After I made these monsters … I thought that I should have given the purple monsters only one eyeball … they could have been “one-eyed purple people eaters” … Now for the fangs … I tried to bend them in half and stick them in the cupcake … it didn’t work too well, they did not stay together … look at the purple one … now that’s scary!  So I had to cut them and insert the two pieces … Add a little red food coloring to light corn syrup … it makes great blood!  Another option for blood is red gel that comes in a tube at the grocery store.  The corn syrup blood stays better on the icing than on the plastic fangs.  I told you these would be easy peasy to make 😉

I look forward to your comments!

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