Leprechaun Cakesters

One more St. Patrick’s Day idea …

I asked the hubby for an opinion … he says they look “cartoonish” … was he expecting lifelike leprechauns?

These are my super simple sweet leprechaun faces!

They are so simple to make … it’s truly a cut and paste project … cut the candy and paste it in place with melted chocolate … easy peasy šŸ™‚

This what you will need …

  • Golden Oreo Cakesters
  • Melted dark chocolate (white chocolate would be helpful also, but not necessary)
  • Peach rings (gummy candy)
  • Spearmint Leaves (gummy candy)

I chose to use Oreo Cakesters because of their size and coloring.Ā  I also chose the candies for the same reasons.Ā  My theory is always substitute or improvise when necessary.

To get started, take the Cakesters out of their packages, put them on a plate or tray and place them in the fridge.Ā  This will make assembling them easier, later on.

Make the hats … this is like working with clay or Play-doh.Ā  The only tool I used was scissors … everything else I did with my hands.Ā  Refer to the photo below … cut off the bottom 1/3 of the candy, roll the 1/3 to form the brim, smash the 2/3 to form the top of the hat, put together.Ā  This candy is very sticky and pliable, so it’s easy to work with …

Next, make the beards … cut the peach rings to open them up …

Use the scissors to snip the inner circle of the ring … this will allow it to stretch out and not curl back up …

All of the cutting is done … it’s time to paste!

Take the Cakesters out of the fridge.Ā  Put a little melted chocolate on the back of the beard …

Then put it on the cold Cakester and hold in place until it sticks …

Do the same with the hat …

He needs a face …

Can you see that little dark spot of chocolate at the bottom of the hat?Ā  Don’t be like me … be neater!Ā  If you have white chocolate, I would recommend using it … little boo-boos wouldn’t show so much šŸ˜‰

May the luck of the Irish be with you!




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8 thoughts on “Leprechaun Cakesters

  1. Girl, don’t be so hard on yourself! That little boo boo, as you call it, is his hair! haha
    All of these St. Patty’s ideas are fabulous. My grandson was born on St. Patricks day, and will be three this year! I want to do them all! Thank you, thank you, thank you!


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