Licorice Flag

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Recently, I was trying to dream up something to make for the 4th of July … I was frustrated … my brain wasn’t working, again! When I least expected it … and stopped thinking, this came to mind … The flag could … Continue reading

Birds on a Branch

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Today, I made birds sitting on a branch … for you! These little candy birds have been in my mind ever since I made the M&M Chicks and Sugar Swings made Birds on a Wire! When I made the chicks, I couldn’t decide if … Continue reading

Chocolate Cherry Truffles

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Did you have a nice weekend?  I sure did … I had a “girls’ weekend” at my friend’s cabin in Big Bear … just the three of us girls.  The three hubbys stayed home … someone had to take care … Continue reading

Sparkly Snowflake Pops

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Today is the last day of January, but it’s still winter!  So, it’s not too late to make snowflakes … is it? Last Sunday my friend hosted a party … Brunch & Blankets … we ate brunch and made blankets … Continue reading

Pretty Pink Sparkly Bark

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Are you thinking about Valentine’s Day? I know it’s hard to believe … February 14 will be here before we know it! I still have to finish packing up Christmas stuff … I’d better get a move on it. Today, … Continue reading

Double Decker Fudge with a Krispie Crust

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This was my gift to my hubby, a.k.a. The Peanut Butter Man, for Valentine’s Day.  It may seem like a strange gift … but he was a very happy and surprised man!  I must give credit to him, he invented … Continue reading

Chocolate Popcorn Party Mix

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Popcorn, peanuts, Rice Krispies, chocolate, a hint of peanut butter and easy to make … what’s not to like?  The sweetness of the chocolate is balanced with the salt of the peanuts … yum! Back in October, I made a … Continue reading

Last minute cute and colorful ideas …

These are my favorite cute ideas that are pretty quick and easy … you know the clock is ticking!

Do you work well under pressure … or are you done with everything and relaxing?  I you are relaxing … I am envious!

My theory is … if I am still working … you should be working too!  Is that related to “misery loves company”?

Anyway … the purpose of this post is to remind you that if you make just a few colorful items and place them on a platter with anything else … it just pops!

Edible Snow Globes

Snowman Hat Pops

Marshmallow Snowmen Pops

Cupcakes are fast if you use a cake mix and ready-made icing …

Snowmen Cupcakes

The Perfect Man (or men)     

Peppermint S’mores 

Peppermint Pops 

I am a last-minute person … every now and then I think I’m ahead of schedule … then I realize that I’m not 😦   So … I do what I can and make plans for next year to get more done 🙂

I look forward to your comments … I read all of them!


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As you can see … these are not the kind of smoothies that contain fruit.  They are smoothies because of their smooth texture and taste.  The peanut butter keeps the candy soft … they will melt in your mouth and … Continue reading