Birds on a Branch

Today, I made birds sitting on a branch … for you!

Bird on a branch

These little candy birds have been in my mind ever since I made the M&M Chicks and Sugar Swings made Birds on a Wire! When I made the chicks, I couldn’t decide if the chicks should have wings … I asked for opinions … and you gave opinions!  These chubby little birdies have wings!

Chubbby M&M Birdies

Some projects are more fun than others … this was definitely a fun one!  I smiled the whole time while I was making these birds!  They remind me of tiny little toys … I want to play with them, hold them, talk to them … the hubby ate them without a second thought!

Making M&M birds is more like an arts and crafts project … it’s like a paper and paste activity using candy instead of glue and paper.  It’s pretty easy if you ask me!  My biggest problem was my own fat fingers … small kids’ hands are probably better at this 😉

This is what you will need …

bird on a branch directions 2

  1. Work on a tray lined with wax paper or parchment.  Melt colored candy coating.  Lay pretzel flat side down and place a small amount of melted yellow/orange candy on top of pretzel … this will be the bird’s feet.
  2. Place an M&M on top of the “feet” and hold until set.  I tried to place the M&M so that the white “M” was not showing.
  3. Use a tiny amount of melted candy to attach sunflower seeds to the sides of the M&M (hold until set) … creating wings.
  4. Use the black marker to make dot eyes and yellow/orange melted candy to make a beak.   Maybe you even want to make a couple of birds on a branch!
  5. Pick up your birds and tell them how cute they are 🙂

This really is easy peasy once you get going and  I find them so stinkin’ cute …

M&M Birds on a Branch

Remember to stop by tomorrow for the spice cake recipe!

♦  These little birds may be shared at these fun parties 


17 thoughts on “Birds on a Branch

  1. How adorable. Just as cute as can be.
    When I first seen the picture of the little birds reminded me of those little wind-up toys that go hopping across the floor.
    One problem making birds or anything out of m&m’s………….I would end up eating more m&m’s than making birds.
    You come up with the cutest ideas. Thank you

    ‘just me here in Texas’


    • Thank you Colleen! Since you brought up the wind up toys … they not only look similar, but the candy birds will fall on their sides, just like the toys would, heehee 🙂 In regards to the possession of M&M’s … it’s one of my struggles too … they are hard to resist.


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