Sparkly Snowflake Pops

Today is the last day of January, but it’s still winter!  So, it’s not too late to make snowflakes … is it?

3 sparkly snowflakes

Last Sunday my friend hosted a party … Brunch & Blankets … we ate brunch and made blankets for Project Linus.

Project Linus distributes “comfort blankets” to children (babies thru teenagers) in need of a hug … maybe in a hospital, shelter, etc.  The blankets are truly needed and appreciated.

The snowflake pops were just a “thank you” for the ladies that attended and helped make the blankets.

I’m sure that many of you have melted candy melts or chocolate, poured them in plastic molds and have made some beautiful creations!  I just thought that I would share how simple these snowflakes were to make!  The molds have great detail and the sparkly Disco Dust brings the bling!

This is what you will need …


Here we go with easy peasy directions …

  1. Spoon the melted candy in each cavity of the mold, being careful not to overfill.  Tap the mold on the counter to smooth out the candy and free any air bubbles.002
  2. Carefully lift the mold up so that you may see if there are any air bubbles.  If you find bubbles use a toothpick to release them.003
  3. Insert the lollipop stick.  My stick is too long, so I let it extend out.white chcolate snowflakes
  4. Rotate the stick so that it is covered in candy.  Chill until candy is firm … freezer about 10 minutes, refrigerator about 20 minutes.snowflake pops
  5. Snowflakes should release from mold easily … if they don’t, they need a few more minutes chilling.disco dust snowflakes
  6. Now for the sparkly part … work on parchment paper to catch extra Disco Dust.  Dip the tip of your brush in the dust and tap or brush the dust on the candy.  Don’t forget to use the extra dust that ends up on the parchment.white chocolate snowflake pops

Easy peasy …

Sparkly Snowflakes

I was taking photos with a variety of lighting so that you could see the sparkly stuff … sorry for some of the weird coloring 😉

Have you used candy molds?  I ♥ your comments!




16 thoughts on “Sparkly Snowflake Pops

  1. So, so cute and with such great detail. Luv em.
    I tried to find a snowflake candy mold in my area around Christmas time with no such luck.
    Have a great weekend and, Enjoy the Super Bowl and may your favorite team win.


  2. I always seem to be the one who comments right after ColleenB – how funny.

    Such beautiful detail in your sparkly snowflake. I bought disco dust recently ($6 or $7 for small jar) but you said it goes a long way and you can reuse up what falls on the parchment paper. It sure adds a nice glisten to the snowflake. Ideas like that are what set your edibles apart from the rest. Of course, dark blue paper & the little blue snowflake sprinkles add a lot too. Presentation is everything.

    Bet the ladies love coming to your house to sew. What a nice reward for their acts of kindness in making the blankets.


    • You and Colleen must be in tune with each other 😉 I forgot to remind everyone how far the Disco Dust goes … I think that the little jar will do about 100 lollipops!!! I did find that the dust “sticks” to wax paper … it is easier to get off parchment paper.


  3. What a great idea Project Linus sounds like! Makes me feel warm just thinking about it. And to cuddle up amd eat a snowflake – and that too a chocolate one!!!!


  4. When I use glitterfor my card making projects, I use coffee filters. I just gather up the coffee filter and pour the excess glitter back into the jar.
    Wonder if using the coffee filters will also work using this ‘fairy’ dust (disco dust)
    Oh, by the way, I also use coffee filters when putting on sprinkles,etc. :}


  5. What a great event for project Linus! I love sparkly things and when it is winter where ever you may be you need a little sparkle in your life as everything is so dark and dreary. Gorgeous lollipops and I love your watermarking-very cute! Take care, BAM


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