Simple Candy Filled Countdown to Christmas

I have been planning on making this project for several weeks now … time has escaped me, once again!  I know that tomorrow is December 1st … it’s our nephew’s birthday … I have certain Christmas presents that I need to buy tomorrow (it’s a sale thing)!   Late last night it dawned on me that there is no more time to make my Countdown to Christmas … oh, crap … I’m wasn’t even home to make the calendar … TOMORROW IS DECEMBER 1st … my brain finally put 2 and 2 together!

When my boys were young, I would make my own advent calendars so that I could put treats in each day for the three boys.  That made life easier than having one calendar with one treat or three different calendars going.  I am passing this idea along … easy to make with stuff that you probably have around the house … like coffee filters and a mini muffin pan!

Is it OK to post an idea and supplies … not the finished project?  Well, here it is …

advent calendar cupcake muffin pan coffee filters


Did you see the Hanukkah Countdown?  It’s the same concept … just using a few different materials …

  • 24 cup mini muffin/cupcake pan
  • Printable number tags (found here)
  • 24 coffee filters (or tissue paper cut into 6″-7″ squares)
  • Bakers’ twine (ribbon or yarn)
  • Scissors and a hole punch
  • Candy (Sixlets and milk chocolate balls from SweetWorks)

I apologize for not sharing a photo of the completed project, but I gotta run to Lowe’s and buy a new toilet … long story for another day 😉

I love your comments!!!


2 thoughts on “Simple Candy Filled Countdown to Christmas

  1. I get the idea. :} It’s pretty simple just by looking at the picture so no further details needed. Pretty much know how your mind works :}
    Can’t believe that it’s the 1st of Dec. already. Where has the time gone to? Looked at my calendar in my craft room and it was still on October.
    Me thinks, the older we get the faster the weeks and months goes by.
    Enjoy the remainder of the weekend


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