Candy Filled Straws

Look what I found …

Striped paper straws - jumbo

short, jumbo, striped paper straws!!!

Once again … they came from Target … in the Valentine’s Day section.  The exact measurements are 5-1/2 in. long (13.9 cm) x 3/8 in. diameter (9.5 mm).

Here are a few online sources that I found, however the sizes vary …

I was so excited with my find … knew that I needed these straws … didn’t know why.   I carried them around the store for a while …  then it came to me … fill them with candy …

Candy filled straws

I drove home and opened my “candy cupboard” … (I know it’s kind of scary that I have a candy cupboard) … I pulled out everything that would fit in the straws.

I found that most Jelly Belly beans fit in the straw, but some were too large.  Chocolate covered sunflower seeds, M&M Minis and the other candies in the photo worked well, but the possibilities are endless!

The straws are made of heavy weight paper and folding the ends worked well for me …

Party favor paper straws

Simply fold one side, then the other … fill with candy … repeat folding on the other end to keep the candy in the straw … easy peasy 🙂

I made these for Valentine’s Day, but they would make great party favors!

These little Valentine tags complete the project …

Valentine's Day Candy

It’s so perfect for Valentine’s Day …

Valentine's Day Candy Straws

So what do you think?  I ♥ and appreciate your comments …

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23 thoughts on “Candy Filled Straws

  1. These are perfect for little children and big children (Adults) too. These are perfect for birthday parties and for just because. Thank you for your great idea.


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