Bride of Frankenstein Pops ?

Let me introduce you to Mrs. Frankenstein.  She is very independent and does not need a sugar daddy … because she is a Sugar Daddy!

Several weeks ago I made Frankenstein pops.  Then a comment was made asking about a Mrs. Frankenstein.  I had leftover green chocolate and decided to give The Bride of Frankenstein a try.  She did get a few “makeovers” in the process.  I asked for opinions … she got mixed reviews, she was even compared to Gumby.  I Googled “The Bride of Frankenstein” …. and found out that in many images she does not appear to have green skin … but if you Google “Bride of Frankenstein cakes” a green face is very popular!

Here is everything you will need … white & green candy melts, Sugar Daddy pops, candy eyes, edible tiny pastel sprinkles (sequins) and an edible marker

  Please notice that there are red hearts sprinkles that were used in the first version, but not used in the final version.

Line a cookie sheet with wax paper or parchment and unwrap the Sugar Daddy pops … they really are a little lumpy and bumpy …

Melt the candy … I mixed dark green and white to get a lighter green … dip the pop, tap off all the excess …

Lay it on the cookie sheet … and pop them in the fridge or freezer to firm up …

Melt the white candy … dip pop half way in the white candy to create the hair.  It is important that you do this while the green is still cold because it may start to smear in the melted white candy … tap off the excess and lay the pop back on the cookie sheet …

After the white has firmed up make some “hair lines” using a fork …

A brush may be useful to clean up …

Give her a face … use a dot of melted green candy to “glue” on the eyes and cheeks and make the nose … use the marker to draw eyelashes, hair lines and mouth … (this is the first version with ♥ lips)

I think my bag of Sugar Daddy pops have evolved into Sugar Mama’s 😉
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13 thoughts on “Bride of Frankenstein Pops ?

  1. Once again your genius is at it’s peak!! Awesome!!! Now I know why they call them sugar daddies – everyone should be so lucky as to have one!!


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