Cupcakes To Go

Today I am sharing some things that I learned while making these cupcakes that were used as wedding favors.   A few weeks ago I showed you the “Queen of Hearts” cookies that were for the bridal shower tea.  The wedding took place this past Saturday and I volunteered to make the cupcakes that the bride wanted as favors.

This past week was one of the hottest of the summer.  I was hot … and lazy … I relied on my old friend, Duncan Hines, once again.  I baked the cupcakes a few days ahead and froze them as usual.  Friday evening I made the icing … my decorator icing recipe  … you may want to check it out because I made a few slight changes.  Then I prepared the assembly line …

Since it was so hot and the wedding was outdoors … I had already planned to deliver the cupcakes in an ice chest to keep them cool until needed.

This is what I did … I baked the cupcakes in regular liners … then placed them in parchment paper cups (sometimes called tulip cups) … just to keep things neat …

I knew that if I iced the cupcake and then tried to put it in the “to go” box … I would surely have my fat fingers messing up the icing … or have smeared icing on the sides of the box.   So, I decided to put the icing on the cupcake after it was in the box …

I used Wilton tip #1M … started on the outside of the cupcake and swirled my way to the center …

And it worked!  I was so lazy, that I even bought ready-made icing flowers at the cake decorating store.  Maybe I should be embarrassed … but I’m not.

I closed up the boxes and refrigerated them overnight.  Saturday morning I tied the ribbons … put them in the ice chest … and drove them to the wedding.  Here is a pic of the first 20 …

I hope that these hints help you to make cupcakes to go!


8 thoughts on “Cupcakes To Go

  1. Brenda, what can I say…… your are a genious when it comes to creativity. What a wonderful idea to use the chinesse takeout boxes to put the cupcakes in. Love this idea. I’m sure that the guest at the wedding enjoyed them.


    • I bought my tulip cups at a cake decorating store, but believe that they would be easy enough to make. I just open up a cup … it’s is a 5-inch square of parchment. I would just place a 2-inch round object (like a drinking glass) in the center of the paper and fold up the sides … creating a cupcake liner. I hope this helps 😉


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