Sugared Marshmallow Bunnies

I love, love, love these sugared bunnies!!!

I love the colors!

I love the texture of the sugar!

I love the sparkle from the sugar!

I love how simple they were to make!

And I love bunnies!

You could have a bowl of bunnies or …

a plate of bunny cupcakes!  I do like to use edible decorations!

This is what you will need … Bunny Mallows (WalMart, Target & grocery stores), water, white sanding sugar, a paper towel and melted dark chocolate …

Before we start, let me give credit to Meaghan at The Decorated Cookie.  When I first saw her do sugared marshmallows, I thought “will that really work?”  Well, let me tell you … it works great … and I love how easy it is!  Thank you Meaghan!!!

First, dip the marshmallow in water quickly …

Then use a paper towel to tap some water off of the marshmallow …

Roll the marshmallow in the sugar …

Set it aside to finish drying …

Use melted chocolate in a squeeze bottle or a toothpick to make eyes.  I think they are very cute without eyes … but I couldn’t resist …

Just keep going until you have made about a million … you know what they say about rabbits multiplying!

By the way … have I told you how much I love these bunnies?

Do you have a comment today? 

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23 Responses to Sugared Marshmallow Bunnies

  1. LOOOOVE these!! Thanks so much for linking to me, too. And now I’ll have to share these on Edible crafts as well :).

  2. rosa parks says:

    great Idea it sure would add a wonderful touch to easter

  3. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE these! My son came over to see what I was looking out and is now demanding I go to the store for the bunny marshmallows so we can make these. :)

  4. lavon verdell says:

    i can’t wait to make these for my grandkids and the youth at my church!

  5. trisha says:

    I just love love love these too!!

  6. Love these! They are so cute. I think I would eat them in handfuls. :)

  7. Those are a riot! So cute. Yes, the chocolate eyes are necessary. I mean, think of all the melted chocolate you’ll have leftover… quick, get a spoon.

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  10. Natalie says:

    You can’t go wrong with sugar and marshmallows. I like how they sparkle on top of the cupcakes. What a sweet touch!

  11. Karene says:

    Very pretty!

  12. Thanks for posting these. I stole your idea and they were a huge hit!

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