Tiny Candy Cupcakes … or … Faux Cupcakes

I should have put a ruler or tape measure in this photo so that you could really see how tiny these candy cupcakes are!  The foil wrapped candies are miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups … does that help?

I do like teenie weenie things … especially cupcakes!

OK … they really are not cupcakes … but I think they could fool somebody … after all, tomorrow is April 1 … April Fool’s Day.

This is so simple … I’m probably “foolish” for sharing this idea.  But here it goes …

This is what I used … Miniature Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups, mini pastel colored meringues (or make your own) and melted chocolate …

Remove the foil from the peanut butter cups (leave the paper on) and put a little melted chocolate on the top of the cup …

Now, put the meringue on the top …

Wow … that was so hard to do … hahaha … and it took so long … at least 2 minutes 😉  OK … I am feeling slightly guilty … but just slightly.

Since we are using meringues as cupcake tops … do you remember the Cupcake Boxes from February?

I gave them a makeover for Easter …

I had so many leftover meringues … I dipped them in melted chocolate and then in nuts.  They make a nice dessert …

Are you planning any tricks for April Fool’s Day?





14 thoughts on “Tiny Candy Cupcakes … or … Faux Cupcakes

  1. So, so cute and soooooooo easy peasy.
    Can you buy them meringues at a local grocery cause I have never seen them here.
    Thaniks for sharing your cute and adorable creations


  2. I’m experiencing a major craving for these .. and at 9:56 pm… I’m in trouble!
    What a lovely blog and sweets you have here! I’m happy to have ‘found’ you through my birthday blog post. Thank you for visiting me there! xo


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