Duck Marshmallow Pop

duck marshmallow pop

Rubber ducks are sooo cute … but so are marshmallow ducks.  I wanted to call this little guy (my duck is a boy, I don’t know why) a rubber ducky, but would that imply that I used old rubbery marshmallows?  Of course I didn’t!  This little guy is made with fresh marshmallows, yellow chocolate, Jordan almonds and Starburst candies … he is soft and sweet, not rubbery!  Ducks do come to mind at Easter, but also baby showers and birthday parties for little ones.

Some things that you will need are lollipop sticks, jumbo marshmallows, large marshmallows, yellow chocolate/candy coating, Jordan almonds and Starburst candy … I used melted white and dark chocolate for the eye …


First, melt the chocolate, then start assembling the duck’s body.  Push the lollipop stick thru the bottom of the jumbo marshmallow (the body) and into the large marshmallow (the head) …  dip him into the melted chocolate, tap off excess and place in stand (styrofoam) to dry …


As you are waiting for the chocolate to dry (the fridge speeds things up), you can make his feet and bill … I used orange Starburst (1 square) and a paring knife … this is like working with Play-Doh … just form into shape with your fingers … using melted chocolate like glue, attach the feet and bill …


Give him an eye … I used melted white and dark chocolate … but you can buy candy eyes or use a chocolate chip …


Attach the wing with melted chocolate … I was lucky to find yellow Jordan almonds … if you don’t have yellow, just coat yours in yellow chocolate … or make a wing out of a yellow Starburst …

I hope you enjoy this little guy as much as I do!!!


7 thoughts on “Duck Marshmallow Pop

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  2. I’m making these today. It will be an edible center peice with these and your marshmellow bunnies. I’m so excited. It’s going to be so cute!!


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