Oreo and Almond Flower Pops

Raise your hand if you like chocolate!  Raise your hand if you like Oreo cookies!  Almonds are a healthy snack and everything on a stick is fun … right?  Therefore … this must be a sweet, fun and healthy Oreo Flower Pop!  It has all of the necessary elements … Oreo cookies, on a stick, dipped in chocolate with chocolate covered almonds (that means double chocolate!) for the petals and a few sprinkles in the center for a little extra fun 🙂  These pops are guaranteed to put a smile on everyone’s face!

Oreo & Almond Flower Pops

These almonds came from Costco long before Easter and were kept hidden for this project.  I have not seen them recently, but Jordan almonds, almond M&M’s or any oblong shaped candy could be substituted.

The colors are perfect for Mother’s Day and spring flowers … no green thumb necessary!

Happy Mother's Day Cookie Flower Pops


You will need the following to create 16 Oreo and Almond Flower Pops …

  • 1 pound vanilla candy coating (such as CandiQuik), melted
  • 16 Oreo cookies (I used the Spring variety, but any flavor/color will work)
  • 16 wood coffee stir sticks (5 1/2″)
  • 8 green striped paper straws (cut in half)
  • 80 chocolate covered almonds as petals (5 for each flower)
  • 32 green chocolate covered almonds as leaves (2 for each flower)
  • sprinkles for the flower center

Oreo Almond Flowers  SweetSimpleStuff

  1. Cover a tray with wax paper or parchment.  Cut paper straws in half, flatten each straw and insert the wood coffee stir stick.  Note:  the stick will be about 1-1/2″ longer than the straw half
  2. Open the cookie, lay “wood” end of stick on cookie and add a little melted candy.  Note:  the cookie opens easiest when the icing is not cold, microwave for a few seconds if necessary
  3. Replace top on cookie and melted candy.  Let candy firm up.
  4. Dip and cover cookie in melted candy, tap off excess and even drag bottom across edge of bowl.  Lay on prepared tray.  Place 5 almond on cookie to form flower petals.  Chill for a few minutes or let sit at room temperature until totally hardened.
  5. Add a little melted candy in flower center, add sprinkles.  Use a dot of melted candy to attach 2 green almonds to straw as leaves.  Let the candy harden, then tap off excess sprinkles.

Oreo Almond FlowersSweetSimpleStuff.com

One of the first words that I thought of to describe these flowers was “Wonky” … maybe it was a Willie Wonka memory!  Then I remembered that last year I made these “Funky Oreo Flowers” …

Funky Oreo Flowers

I guess that Oreo cookies on a stick, dipped in chocolate turn into fun flowers in my mind 😉

Do you have any special plans for Mother’s Day?  I ♥ your comments! 

♦  I share my stuff with these fun parties!  ♦



19 thoughts on “Oreo and Almond Flower Pops

  1. There are multiple times of the year these quick and easy flowers would come in handy. Let’s not rush Christmas, but wouldn’t red almonds with black sprinkles in the center make nice Poinsettias? Green only almonds for St. Patty’s Day. Love when you do goodies that can be used for numerous holidays or just any day when chocolate is on your mind.

    Tavette – S. Florida


  2. Happy Mothers Day to you Brenda! These little oreo and almond flower pops are so adorable and a fun way to celebrate the coming of spring. It is the start of the rainy season here in Hong Kong so the only flowers I may see for awhile are in the form of a lollipop. Pinned, too cute!


  3. those flowers are so cute and what a cute bouquet they would be putting in a clay pot filled with a section of Styrofoam and covered with green shredded paper at the base.
    Was thinking; those who can’t eat nuts probably could use jelly beans or something similar.
    I just realized yesterday that I haven’t been receiving your email newsletter updates :{ but I still managed to get to your blog. :}


  4. i got both my hands raised Brenda! even though mother’s day is long gone, hope it was wonderful for you! i am sooooooo far behind in catching up with my fave blogs-but it’s good to be here! these flowers just look so cheery and yummy-love them! 🙂


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