April Fools Day Ideas

April 1st … April Fools Day … the day we are allowed to pull a few fun pranks on our family and friends!  Do you usually play the part of the prankster or are you the victim prankee?  Here are a few ideas that will help you pull a tasty trick or two that everyone is sure to love 😉

Michelle from Sugar Swings made some Deviled Eggs that are not eggs!

April Fools KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken Bucket and Sides Dessert

Jill from Kitchen Fun With My 3 Sons made a Chicken Dinner that’s not “dinner”!

Don’t expect to get any ketchup or mustard from these Push Pops that Beth from Hungry Happenings created!

Grilled cheese dessert

I made a Grilled Cheese Sandwich with Tomato … oops, I lied … it’s a dessert!




Apple Pie Lattice Cake


Try making this easy peasy Apple Pie … pssst, don’t tell anybody … it’s a cake!

nacho cupcakes

These Nacho Cupcakes will always be one of my favorites!   This year Gooseberry Patch featured them on their Sneaky Sweets for April Fools Day … stop by and check out six more sneaky ideas!  They were also included by Brit + Co., with 18 more fun food tricks 😉

Do you have any fun tricks up your sleeve?  Please share …



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