Thanksgiving Ideas …

Do you know what you are making for Thanksgiving dessert?   Here are a few ideas from last year …

These Pecan Pie Cupcakes have been a popular item lately.  I didn’t originally think about them for Thanksgiving … I may be making them this year …

Cupcakes are always a hit … how about Turkey Cupcakes

Or maybe Cornucopia Cupcakes

Everyone could have their own turkey leg with these Cake Pops

These Marshmallow Pilgrim Hats on sticks are easy to serve …

Do you remember these Sweet Acorns from last year …

Or do you like the Nutter Butter Acorns that I made this year …

For more ideas … just click on the Thanksgiving or Fall Category to the right.





11 thoughts on “Thanksgiving Ideas …

  1. You are so creative and I remember all of your recipes as they are wonderful! Your website is the first place I go if I want to make a sweet and fun treat for the boys during the holidays. Take Care, BAM


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