Cornucopia Cupcakes

Cornucopia or horn of plenty?  Either way … I think of it as a traditional Thanksgiving symbol.

These are very easy to make and I did find the pumpkins that seemed difficult to locate … i just had to try a different grocery store!

Don’t forget to enter the giveaway … it ends in a few days!

This is what you will need for today’s cupcake project …

    Bugles … that I had to wrestle away from son #2 (he claims they were in an “undesignated” area of the kitchen!), melted chocolate, candy pumpkins, chocolate jimmies and leaf or fall colored jimmies …

  cupcakes and frosting … I used my light chocolate icing and a Wilton #1M tip

Pipe the icing in a swirl motion … starting on the outside edge of the cupcake … *helpful hint … take the cupcakes out of the pan FIRST … I don’t know what I was thinking … I usually end up sticking my finger in the icing when I do it this way, duh!

Add some sprinkles …

Now make the cornucopia … I used a lollipop stick to hold the Bugle while spooning melted chocolate over it … tap off the excess chocolate …

Stand the chocolate Bugles and put in the fridge to firm up …

Dip the Bugle edge in melted chocolate and immediately dip in chocolate jimmies …

Then place it right on a cupcake and add a pumpkin …

Tomorrow … more marshmallows …



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