Shopping info – some new items for spring …

I have been out and about … here are a few new finds for me!  I thought that you may like them too ..

  • Mallow Bits … they are crunchy little marshmallows … maybe little bunny tales?  I found this at Target.

  • Easy Frost … frosting in a larger can … I’ll try it when I’m in a pinch … reminds me of whipped cream in a squirty can … frosts 16 – 24 cupcakes!  This came from WinCo.
  • Mini Cups… mini ice cream cones … you will see what I do with them very soon.  I found them at Walmart.
  • Cocoa Almond Spread … I have never tasted Nutella because I’m allergic to hazelnuts … this stuff is wonderful!!!  From Trader Joe’s.
  • Silicone Cups … I had never bought any before, due to storage, cost, etc.  These came from Cost Plus World Market … $2.49 for 6 regular or 12 mini!

  • Edible Easter Grass … I just had to buy it.  From Target.
  • Meringue cookies … minis in pastel colors … I’m not exactly sure what I’m using them for, but I’m sure I needed them.  I found them at Cost Plus World Market.
  • Bunny Mallows … of course I had to have them.  I saw them at Target and Walmart.

  • Egg Bowls … only $.99 at Michael’s!
  • Plastic Eggs … nothing new, but I found them on my very first trip to Hobby Lobby.  I can’t believe that I drove to the closest store … only 53 miles away!  I guess I’ll drive anywhere for craft supplies!

Have you found a wonderful item that you want to share?  Just leave a comment!


7 thoughts on “Shopping info – some new items for spring …

  1. oh, I am sooooo envious! All those lovely things which I NEED (lol) but cannot get here in India. But if, then too many people would have them too and the novelty factor is off. So, I just keep looking at your lovely pictures. Thanks!


    • I have a friend that visits family in Mumbai occasionally, where she has found candy molds and pretty foils. I believe that it was in a local marketplace. I will ask her for more info if you wish.


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