Valentine’s Chocolate and a Martini

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of attending a Barry Callebaut Chocolate Demonstration at a local cooking studio.  Chef Alicia Boada from Callebaut gave a very informative and delicious demo.

The demo started at 12:30pm with a chocolate martini and raspberry truffle.  What a way to start an afternoon 😉 …

Followed by a tasting of chocolate … oh, the things I have to endure in the name of research …

Then we observed the making of Dulce de Leche Molten Chocolate Cake with Carmelized Banana and Tahitian Vanilla Ice Cream … I do believe everyone was drooling …

Eating all of this was a tough job … but I successed.  I did it in the name of research … and the love of chocolate!

Anyway … I didn’t share this to torture you.  I thought of a very easy Valentine’s Day idea.

Did you notice the chocolate syrup striping on the glass with the chocolate martini?  I thought you could use the same idea in an actual martini glass with chocolate syrup or melted chocolate like I did …

I found that the angle of a martini glass makes this very easy to do.

This could be used for so many things … martinis (of course), any dessert or chocolate milk for the kids.

I filled it with some mousse, chocolate sprinkles and topped it with a heart that I had made from the Valentine’s Sno-Caps cupcakes.

I am sharing the Chocolate Martini recipe … it’s a good one!

Chocolate Martini (courtesy of Kitchen Wizards)

3 oz chocolate Liqueur

2 oz vanilla vodka

1 oz half and half

1 Tbsp. chocolate syrup


Pour over crushed ice.

You can stripe the glass with syrup before pouring.
Cast Party Wednesday

Fill in the blank – I will fill my martini glass with _______.


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