Valentine’s Day Sno-Caps

Do you remember Sno-Caps or Nonpareils … you know, those chocolate discs that are covered with little white balls?

Well … you can make your own … any shape you want!

This is what you will need …

  • Nonpareils … or
  • Sanding Sugar … or
  • Crystal Sugar
  • Melted chocolate or candy melts
  • Leftover Candy Canes … I’ll explain later

My philosophy is … use what you have … or what you can find.  This is what I had in my cupboard …

Melt the chocolate and put it in a squeeze bottle or pastry bag or even a ziptop bag (a quart size works well).  I like squeeze bottles that I can put different size decorating tips on them.  I used a red Candy Decorating Pen, white chocolate with a #3 tip, dark chocolate with a #4 tip and pink chocolate with a #10 tip.

I do not make my chocolate shapes and add sprinkles on top because … the chocolate sometimes hardens too quickly … and I usually end up with sprinkles all over the kitchen.  So this is what I do … just squeeze the chocolate on the sprinkles in the shape you want …don’t worry about perfection … we will call them “artistic” …

These sizes are the small ones that I used on the cupcakes above.  Let the candy firm up … then remove them …

Here is another idea … make larger ones for individual treats …

This is where the candy canes come in …

Or how about the two tone heart …

  First step

  Second step

  Third step

These are all so easy peasy … I hope you find it fun!

F.Y.I.  I really took the easy way out this time.  The cupcakes are made from a mix and frosted with whipped cream … straight out of the squirty can!  🙂

Up next … on Friday … a little giveaway

I ♥ all of your comments!


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