2012 … a new year

In 2011 … I started this blog … not knowing what I was doing … not knowing what to expect.

I thought I knew what I was going to do … I was wrong … it’s funny how things change.

A few days ago, I received an annual report of blog statistics …  I never thought that so many people would have checked out my witch cupcakes

I was shocked (in a good way) that in one day 3,762 people viewed cupcakes that are turned upside down … no need to worry about applying frosting perfectly!

I also was surprised at the number of people who subscribe to receive emails of new blog posts 🙂   I appreciate every one of you!

This really has become an enjoyable learning experience.  I have even learned a little more about using the computer … but still consider myself technology challenged.

NOW … it’s 2012 … have you made “resolutions”?

I thought about it … and decided that if I share (confess) my “To Do List” or “List of Goals” … I would be more likely to accomplish this portion of my list of goals …

  1. Loose weight … doesn’t everyone have this on their list?  I don’t know how much … all I am saying is … more than 1 pound and less than 1,000 pounds!
  2. If I own it … I need to use it … or give it away.  For my birthday (in July) I received a beautiful new food processor.  I did not use it until December … what is wrong with me … it is a wonderful thing!  Look how pretty it is …   
  3. Get organized … mostly paper.   My first project is to organize recipes that I rip out of magazines, print from the internet, etc.  I organized not long ago … and it’s out of control again … I just can’t resist new recipes!  I am not a person who has everything stored on electronic devises … I like paper … I like to hold real books too!  I measured the stack of recipes so that I can “measure” my progress …                                          
  4. Finally … blog on a consistent basis!  I enjoy blogging, but sometimes my brain gets “stuck”.  I have been contemplating doing this post for several days … should I do a New Year’s post or not?   Obviously, I finally decided.  Just a few days ago I was thinking about Valentine’s Day.   I had only one idea in my head … I need more than one idea!  Today my brain is working … next week Valentine’s Day ideas will begin.

I hope that I didn’t bore you … because I do feel better … confessing and all 🙂

Do you have any confessions  … oh, I mean comments?








12 thoughts on “2012 … a new year

  1. Love your post…I too need to most of the things on your “to do” list. 🙂
    And, I love your witch cup cakes! 🙂 Gonna make those this year! Lord willing…

    Anyway, thanks for sharing your life…I really appreciate it!


  2. If you want a great recipe organizer I would stronger recommend the Cook’n software! I have been using it for a few years now. The newest version allows you to capture recipes from the internet and copies them into your cookbooks. No more copy and pasting! It allows you to make shopping lists,menus and create your own cookbooks.
    I could go on and on about this but check it out online. I would google Cook’n.
    I am not connected to this company at all just love it. The only negative thing is that you do have to take the time to input all those stacks of recipes but the software even helps with that.


  3. Fairly new here but must say; I so do enjoy reading and looking around your blog. Enjoyable and relaxing for me and them upside down cupcakes are adorable. I bet those would also be cute for Easter using chicks, etc or spring with frog legs sticking out or even a upside down cupcake snowman. Oh, how my imagination goes wild sometimes.
    Thanks 4 providing us with such a sweet blog that we can come 2


  4. ok you should know that I think you blog is the BEEZEST KNEEZEST – if that is a word…you cute little edible crafts make me happy and inspired. I know about the brain stuck thing that is for sure…what to do, what to do? But rest assured we love anything you post! It is ALL “SIMPLY” SWEET and GREAT! ~ Cheers! Trish


  5. I came across your blog by accident, liked what I say that day, and subscribed. Have never been sorry! Love it to bits. I was thinking of making the witch cupcakes, but instead of witches legs, I would put bug legs…since we tend to squash alot of bugs here.


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