Happy Grad Marshmallow Pops

Are all graduates happy?  I think so, especially if you give them marshmallows covered in chocolate!  Plus … school’s out for summer! 

These Happy Grad Pops would make nice little additions to any party table or individually packed as favors.  They can be made several weeks ahead of time and kept in a cool (not the refrigerator) dry place.

You will need … Jumbo marshmallows, Stackermallows (new from Kraft at Wal-Mart), AirHeads Xtremes, mini M&Ms, yellow candy melts, dark chocolate candy melts and lollipop sticks (I used 6″) …


Melt the yellow chocolate (see how to melt chocolate).  Cut the Jumbo Marshmallows in half (I used kitchen shears) so that you have 2 ovals/rounds … 


Insert the lollipop stick all the way thru the marshmallow half until it sticks out about 1/4″ on the end … keep in mind that this is the face and part of the grad cap (a long oval is better than a wide oval) …

Dip it in melted yellow chocolate … tap off excess chocolate … place StackerMallow on top, making sure that the stick is in the rectangular marshmallow … the melted chocolate will help “glue” the rectangular marshmallow …


Pop them in the refrigerator or freezer for a few minutes … melt the dark chocolate … while the lollipop is still cool … dip the rectangular marshmallow and a small portion of the oval (yellow) in the dark chocolate, forming the “cap” …


Let dry … I did fix that little spot on the cap with melted chocolate, oops! …

Put some of your melted dark chocolate in a squeeze bottle, disposable pastry bag or use a toothpick … use whatever works for you … draw a happy face … remember, squeeze lightly for a fine line … or squeeze harder for a thick line …

To make the tassel … using melted chocolate, attach an M&M (M down) … use a paring knife to slice the AirHeads in strips about 1-1/2″ long … attach with melted chocolate …

Congratulations … you have created Happy Grads!!!

Note :   You can use any color of chocolate … not just yellow … I must be stuck in the 70’s.

3 thoughts on “Happy Grad Marshmallow Pops

  1. Just too lovely. I want to graduate all over again just so I can have them for me!! Yes, the school colors could be used – I love it!! Genius!!!!


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