Candy Flower Pops

A few weeks ago a friend gave me a little bag of pastel candy corn because she thought that I could use it.  I have seen this candy every year around Easter and never thought to do anything with it, except eat it.  Well, I considered this a challenge … what could I do? … I thought about bunny ears … but that has been done.  Flowers popped into my head … really simple candy flowers!  This was a perfect plan … my friend that gave me the candy is named Dinaz … her favorite flower is a daisy … so these candy flowers are “Daisies for Dinaz”.

This project is more of a craft project … no baking or cooking required!  This is what you will need … lollipop sticks, chocolate/candy melts, pastel candy corn (sometimes called bunny corn) …

Lay one candy disc flat side up and start “gluing” (using melted chocolate/candy melts) the lollipop stick and candy petals (4,5 or 6) in place … be patient, the petals can slip around a little …


Add a little more “candy glue” and place another candy disc on top … let the candy dry and your first flower is complete … How easy was that?

I love the colors … they remind me of something from the 60’s or 70’s!


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