Easter Basket Cupcakes

Easter baskets, jelly beans, egg hunts, picnics, family gatherings … just some of the things that make up Easter.  I usually bring a sugar filled treat to our family events … maybe it will be cupcakes this Easter.  These were very simple to make … easy enough for kids to make! 

The directions are for the supplies that I had or chose to use.  If you don’t have something that I used, improvise!  The handles are made with marshmallow poles that I found at Dollar Tree, but other candies (Sour Punch Straws?) would work well.  The chick is a mini version (substitute a large marshmallow for the jumbo one) of my “Mallow Yellow Chick” that I posted a few weeks ago.  Jelly beans come in so many different colors, it was hard to choose!  (I chose ones that I don’t like the flavor of, so that I don’t eat them.)  Sprinkles of all types are available at so many grocery and craft stores.  Let’s get started …

First, bake your favorite cupcakes and let them cool completely.  Make buttercream icing and color it green (start with a drop or 2, you can always add more if necessary).

Some other things that you will need are a decorating bag, a small spatula or butter knife, a round tip (#12), a multi-strand tip (Ateco #133) and a coupler (if you want to change tips).  I think it is easier to use a glass to hold the bag as I fill it with icing …


To cover the cupcake in sprinkles … frost the cupcake using the round tip or a spatula … then dip it in the sprinkles …


To make grass … frost the cupcake … then with the multi-strand tip (grass tip) close to the cupcake, squeeze the icing, stop squeezing and pull your hand away.  So … squeeze, pull … squeeze, pull … 

Prepare the handles … I inserted small pretzels sticks into the ends of the marshmallow handles and stabbed them into the cupcakes … you may need to shorten the pretzel a little if it is too long for your cupcake … NOTE:  You may want to insert the handles at the last-minute if you are planning to take the cupcakes to a party or make them a day ahead.  (The handles flopped around during transportation … it was not a pretty site!)


Now … add the cute stuff … jelly beans, flower sprinkles or what ever strikes your fancy!

Tomorrow … I will show you my Rubber Duck Marshmallow Pops!


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