Valentine’s Day Candy Dish

Candy dishes come in a variety of sizes, shapes and materials.  Do you keep a candy dish out … all of the time or never … just on special occasions or holidays … chocolate or hard candy?  I change it up … right now I have a glass vase filled with round peppermint candies.  Yes, they are leftover from Christmas, but I say it’s OK because they are red and white … ready for Valentine’s Day 😉

I wanted to put out some Valentine’s Day chocolate, but in a different way …

P1030606 Valentine candy message

Spell out a message with individually wrapped candies!

I made the “I” and “U” … tried a heart-shaped dish that just didn’t look right … wrong proportions.  For some unknown reason, I pulled out my cookie cutters … I think it works!

P1030607 Cookie cutter candy dish

My suggestion is … think outside of the box … or dish!  Candy dishes don’t need to be candy dishes 🙂

P1030608 Alternative candy dish display

I ♥ U and your comments!

Thank you to SweetWorks for supplying the candy!

♦  I share my stuff with these fun parties  ♦


10 thoughts on “Valentine’s Day Candy Dish

  1. Like your idea of the cookie cutter candy holder.
    I have candy dishes sitting throughout the house at all times with variety of different candy (mostly individually wrapped candy)
    Grand kids always know that their grandma always has candy for them when they come and they also know their limit on how many they are allowed to have.


  2. Sweet Simple Stuff, Brenda–that’s exactly what your post today gives us. I’ve got those M&Ms and lots of cookie cutters, so I’ll give it a try.


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